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  1. I have no idea what Vale will do this evening, but hang on in there valeparklife. PVFC means so much to us I know. If we've lost a game and I'm driving back to Norfolk, it's generally raining, every traffic light is red and the journey takes about 3 days. When we've won the return trip is made under blue skies and sunshine, the birds are singing, every traffic light is green and I'm home in around 20 minutes. Cromer pier reopened today, if we win tonight, I'm going to cartwheel from the promenade along the pier to the lifeboat house and back wearing only my Vale scarf and Bob hat. Look out for me on the "and finally" section on the News at Ten Good luck for tonight Vale
  2. Personally I haven't got anything left in the tank to think about other football teams. All my emotions are draining into the Vale, and are currently alternating on an almost hourly basis between a hopeful place and a terrifying rock.
  3. So happy to hear that you're in a better place now my fellow Valiant. One of the most inspirational posts I've ever read.
  4. It's little wonder that this 'thread' is proving so popular. When we remember the players that have worn the white shirt like those in your team Andy. When I see those names again, I don't know whether to smile or cry, so comfortably good were they playing at Championship level. I really hope that those days return, especially for the Vale supporter of twenty years or less. Just the players on your bench Andy would give our present First Team a game, and there's only seven of them.
  5. I'm certainly missing my Friday night trip to the pub to meet up with a couple of friends for a few beers, and watch Sky football. My Missus says it's probably a good thing that the Pubs are closed to spare me the ribbing I'd suffer over Vales predicament. Luckily my mate Hugh supports Sheffield Wednesday, and Dave follows Northampton Town, so I reckon I should be on safe ground. Anyway, to get back on thread, for my Friday night out to the bar, I head, courtesy of BBC Scotland at 10 pm, to The Clansman in Craiglang for a night out with Jack, Victor and the gang. It's great fun. Still Game. Perhaps you'll join us for a drink. Whirrabootit?
  6. Oh jonti. I was very sorry to read about the heartbreakingly sad news about your wife. My sincere condolences to your family and you, my fellow Valiant.
  7. Ahh. Johnny James. Just hearing his name transports me back to a faraway and wonderous time. I'm that 8 year old lad again, on the Bycars with my 3 aunts all wrapped up in black and white, especially freezing night matches. Being spoilt at halftime with baked potatoes bought along by aunt Betty. Watching John James alongside his Vale team mate's in 'that' all white strip under the floodlights was magical. Smashing footballer was John, lionhearted and totally committed, always seemed to be covered in mud by the end of a game. Real hero to me, and like Clinton Boulton, one of the reasons that I fell in love with Port Vale. R.i.p Johnny
  8. I'd prefer Derek Adams for the 1st time
  9. Sounds like one of my early School reports from the 1970's. When I go to Staffordshire to watch the Vale I get my oatcakes from Poveys, up Biddulph. Usually take 10 packets back to Norfolk. Fills up a tray in the freezer and does me for a good 2 or 3 weeks.
  10. And I've got a couple of tins ready. (Watney Party Sevens).
  11. Promotion with Ross County Promotion with Plymouth Chasing promotion with Morecambe There's a pattern emerging here My 3 names for the next Manager at Vale Park are Derek Watt Adams
  12. Fantastic memories. 1972. Some therapeutic rehabilitation for Valiants when we tempted ex tormentors John Woodward and Bernie Wright over to Vale Park before they could create any more damage. Growing up in the 70s, I can't ever remember us beating Walsall. Names like Alan Buckley and Bobby Shinton still give me the fear. Vale, please help an old Valiant who still needs assistance in his recuperation, with a win on Saturday
  13. Wait for me Davo666, I'm coming with ya. Tin hat on. Tot of rum. Poke head out of trench. "Derek Adams please". Dive back down into trench. Tin hat off and await bully beef and biscuits.
  14. Ay up Phil. Good idea, I'll go and get meself a beer. Enjoy your evening and don't worry about who thinks what on this subject. The thread ends at 11pm tonight. Surely
  15. Results are certainly a bit depressing at the moment. Things must be bad, there are three Vale fans in the house, and tonight my daughter put some c.d's on by Radiohead and Morrissey and it actually lifted our moods.
  16. I understand from PVFC that this offer is to be renamed and then relaunched, (as acknowledgement of the pickle that the Manager and players currently find themselves in), as the Early Berk Season Thicket.
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