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  1. Hope Gibbo and Woz use the better pitch quality in the second half.
  2. Pitch looks a bit rough in places and not ideal for Conlon’s game, but we are still in this. Happy at 0-0 at the moment but want the team to be more expansive. Come on Vale grab a win today.
  3. Set up! Lunch consumed, Vale top on, hooked up the cables and ready to go! Please Vale, make it a weekend to remember! I want a PERFORMANCE today please. Sad to hear that one of my ex work colleagues , former Vale player and difficult opponent in Phil Dutton , although a great character, has left us. Condolences to his family.
  4. I’d love Vale to win, but like Iron, I want some professionalism restored to the side. Commitment, passion and a bit of skill. I’ll be looking at how it pans out over the next 5 games and see if the managerial experience influences the players we have. Everyone seems to think we are under achieving! Let’s at least get into mid table and wait until next season. Looking at the players on the books, I expect 8/9 to go.
  5. Just read an interview that Sky did with him and I liked his outlook. Tell players as it is. Build a good defensive mindset to stop conceding goals. Turned down Leeds to stay at Bristol. Likes a challenge and hardwork. wants clubs to have ambitions. Believes in developing players and not just throwing money at it. Wants to bring that extra out of them. Has the fans interests at heart as they pay the monies. Has made mistakes in the past. Too many politics at Bristol. Welcome aboard Daryl!
  6. Wigan eh! Remember going to Springfield Park and watched Vale from a grassy mound!
  7. Jameo with his long hair and his eye foe a goal. I remember him back in 1967 in the all white strip. Gave 100% and later went to play for Chester and Tranmere. Regards and condolences to his family and friends. R.I.P
  8. Gone for keeper, full back, centre back, midfield and striker. keeper Vaclav Hladky. Salford full back. Cameron Borthwick Jackson Oldham centre. Anthony O’ Connor. Bradford midfield. Matt Jay. Exeter striker. James Vaughan. Tranmere
  9. Listened and enjoyed the podcast! As you all debate the situation, I wonder if Flitcroft is preparing his SWOT analysis of the club and getting it ready for the board? The question of whether it will work, will depend on the mixture and leadership of the board and the personalities within the club. Trying to embed the strategies across the club will be an interesting but exciting venture. The sting out of the boundaries / roles and responsibilities is crucial to avoid any underlying upset and it must be both well communicated / visualised without any unnecessary management speak. Maybe this is a five year strategy. At least we have one! A journey to enjoy.......... let’s see. Hopefully so! VTID
  10. I wonder if the vacancy due to David Kevan leaving will mean a coaching reshuffle/ change of titles to align with the new structure? Then longer term, DP get’s the experience to further his credentials be that at PVFC or elsewhere?
  11. For me, if we intend to blood younger players, have better recruitment, less injuries, improved player ability both in mind and application linked to the ownerships vision, this appointment was required. Pugh is only 38 and possibly both to close to the players and inexperienced as a manager but evidently a super coach. Get the right combination in with DF and this removes Carol from the difficult football decisions but concentrated on the whole business? DF sounds good, let’s hope he walks the walk? Will fully support the move as we seem to have inner issues to deal with.
  12. Good evening Ale and Vale podcast team! Enjoyed the Boom Boom interview and he is a fine man. My granddaughter sponsored him when he was at the Vale following the departure of the great George Pilkington. For the future, how about interviewing either Phil Sproson, Ray Williams or Mike Cullerton, being ex players, a bit controversial with their commentaries and all great Vale players?
  13. If true, let’s hope he doesn’t’t swan about up front! He may have a gander down the wing. Sorry!
  14. Orient signed striker Abrahams from Newport
  15. Radio Stoke suggesting the appointment is this WEEK. On the transfer front a striker may be completed pm today. Centre back rather more unsure.
  16. DP’s has encountered a few issues. Team out of form, deregistering of players, COVID, settling new people into his team and thinking, absent from the ground for a spell. Press conferences and searching questions. He’s done well and helped steady the ship with a smile. Well done Danny!!
  17. Stats say we have won 71% of the heading duels. More to come from their long throws or our crosses in the box?
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