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  1. Well, I always sleep poorly but have certainly been agitated for a few weeks about the Vale. I get my uplifting moments from Ale and the Vale, this website and the official web site. Bits from radio Stoke. I’m hoping like mad that we stay up, as our plan is to move back to Stoke in a couple of years time, to be closer to the family/ friends. Renewing my season ticket and experiencing the VP atmosphere once again. Vale, don’t spoil my dream! Put your heart and soul into these 12 games to help me to keep the faith. As I sit in rainy Devon, Vale shirt on and wanting us to perform today, hoping that Torquay get promoted from the National League I ponder the future. The owners plans appear positive and refreshing, don’t let it slip away in 2021. Supporting since 1967 has been a big part of my football life and I’m keeping positive with my memories. So for all Vale fans, support in any way you can, but also criticise constructively to help the club from the dreaded drop. VTID
  2. Game finished 0-1. 3 points for Barrow 😕
  3. Certainly the three delegates have ambition, pride and professionalism. For mr, they answered the questions honestly and we now just need to see the results from what they are able to improve over the next 12 games. They know of the issues, so hopefully they will have the skills with the current resources to put it right? Carol seems to be backing them all the way as the PROJECT will no doubt succeed. Crying shame if it doesn’t work out! Fingers and toes crossed for the next 12 games.
  4. Sent my question in on Tuesday and had no link sent yet.
  5. Well, sitting in front of the TV and put to one side the glorious Devon weather. Hope that I made the right decision to watch? Come on Vale, show the pride in the shirt. VTID
  6. Hi Stupers! I take the point about the strikers. To have six on the books at the moment seems top heavy! Also, are we missing midfield creativity and goals from that department? Woman creates but we don’t have a killer ball player in the side, regardless of who is up front. Goal contributions from centre backs appears to have dried up and full back goal tally is non existent. So, if we are becoming more defensively sound, where are the goals coming from, particularly with our current injury list? Oh for players of the past! I know we eat up’s and down’s in football and it feels like toothache at the moment, but I was thinking of Chesterfield, semi finalists in the league cup and now in the National league. I hope that we escape the drop! Maybe to get more quality out of our current squad, this is where the coaching staff have to earn their money. VTID
  7. Bit of anger and frustration came across on your pod, which is fully understandable. We are really in a rut and never seen the reset button pressed so much. The basics are missing and we should have enough experience on the pitch to put it right. As you rightly point out, be it injuries, recruitment, late appointment of a manager has all contributed to pi$$ poor performances. At least I look forward to your pods, but like Bezza, feeling very scared of the consequences. Let’s hope for some improvement soon!
  8. On my retained list and aiming for promotion! I don’t see that we will keep any of Legge, Brisley or Crookes. Fitzpatrick and Mills to vanish also with a doubt about Montano. Therefore, I complete overhaul of the defence! Speed, strength and ability to head and pass are prerequisite for the roles. Good luck with that!, Midfield no Whithead, if we can get rid, Joyce and Amos and Manny also to go based on their injury records. Up front, a combination of three to leave to definitely include Cullen and Guthrie. This is a major task for DC/ DF to resolve with 13 players to go. Might sound cutthroat/ revolutionary, but it might need to be achieved in two stages. Strong cull next season, with a tinker the following season.
  9. Interesting that something must have been discussed about throw ins. Legge taking them on the right.
  10. Ok kind of half. Legge has done well and the midfield are trying to play football. Front two working hard but no real threat apart from that one Guthrie chance. Pitch looks bumpy. Keep it going Vale!
  11. A time to build on the Orient display and see if we can secure three points. Conlon by his own admission had a poor game and some of the possession and creativity went missing. Let’s hope we have some good fortune and get the three points. Hurst may be replaced unless he is needed to replace Worrall. UTV
  12. Thought the same as I pointed out during the game. He was tenacious and bossed Johnson most of the game.
  13. For me, Guthrie tries hard but he will need to gamble more. I thought that a couple of half chances could have been better opportunities if he had gambled/ anticipated more. Would like him to score as he seems to be a team man.
  14. Was it Gibbo who was on the wrong side of his man?
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