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  1. 1983/84 season I think. I remember the game and drove to the ground with mates that night. We got home at 1am! Watching the game last night, the ground seems that some improvements have taken place. Enjoyed the game and the atmosphere that was created.
  2. Decided not to watch it tonight as I feared that we wouldn't perform and they were due a win. Although it seems we didn't play well, a point keeps the ship going. As someone said earlier, physical presence seems a challenge. Onwards and upwards. VTID
  3. Half time changes by DC was a master stroke. Players responded with the formation chance and personnel change with fluidity and guile. First half we overhit the killer balls and I blame Robosprinkler! DP's goal was sublime and Benning's finish when it came off the post was immaculate. Feeling great about the season so far. Congratulations from owners to fans, have a great weekend all you Valiants. VTID
  4. They've won 69% of the aerial duels so far. Need to keep it on the deck.
  5. I thought Hurst had the beating of their full backs but his final ball was inconsistent. Johnson had an ok game but was not outstanding. Our aerial threat was generally weak. Amoo frustrates me with his finishing and some of his decision making. Taylor was good overall. Lloyd will need to develop more. Politic, in and out of the game. Overall, treacherous conditions, another win, money banked and confidence stays high.
  6. Bennington lacked the tenacity to put that in!
  7. On it tonight. Weather mixed in Devon but interesting to see this team perform. First time I have used via a VPN and paid 11€. UTV
  8. Great pod! As I could not see the game or listen to the commentary, you all relived the experiences for me. Gutted that I could not be to see it. Totally correct to tackle and comment on the racism point first. No need for the comment that I have seen. Although Their keeper could of/ should of shown the delight of their second goal with ORIENT supporters. The opposite does bring out the reaction from opposing supporters, but still no Need for a racist rant. Big call out to Smudge as he also played with stitches in his head? Will watch the game on Tuesday but not sure that the atmosphere will be the same! 😀
  9. Went from gutted to elation! Absolutely tremendous. Going out in the rain to celebrate! You beauties!!!!!
  10. Watched the whole game. Shotton sent off late on disputing a free kick on the penalty box edge. Hanley has a SCFC goalie on loan who played well. Some meaty challenges which was good to see!
  11. Great win by the team! Every man did his job and produced the required result. Not able to see us in action but DC praised both Garrett, Smudge and the build up for the goal……. Praise well deserved. Manager of the month?
  12. 2007/08 vale 2 Chelsea 5. vale team with Chris Martin, Danny Glover, Ross Davidson and unsure about Simon Richman.
  13. Agreed! My trips from Devon to Stoke start no later than 6 to attempt to miss the Bristol and Birmingham traffic. As LS states, it looks dry which is a bonus for travelling in the dark. Stay safe.
  14. Also Monty not had much game time and Cullen sub at Hartlepool. Overall for me, the decisions to release and transfer list the players seems to suggest DC was right. How he handled it, we will never know all the facts.
  15. Pod was a replica of my thoughts. I certainly picked up Wilson’s closing down, positional play and technical ability. Smudge had a fantastic game for me, Matt is a powerful/ awkward character. Garity full of running. Proctor’s ability to hold the ball up by taking a step back rather than meeting it with a heading attempt was superb. Man on his back could not win it. One thing I noticed again was how many free kicks Devante gives away that gives the opposition the ball back. Overall, still bouncing on a Monday after the win even though Devon weather has been gloomy today. Hope Stu that the house move went well! That, brings back some memories! VTID
  16. George does waffle with his questions though but I agree that DC is edgy with his answers. Based on everything, I quite like DC he works hard, thinks about the game and the current team seem to respond to him. Top Man!
  17. Just got in to my Devon home. 3:5 hours up and 2 hours back! Great TEAM performance to a man. We completely gave a fantastic away performance. Everything about us was superb, a joy to travel and watch. Humour point that made Dan Jones laugh…… “ can we play you every week”
  18. I counted 6 changes from the starting 11 but may be wrong. Goalkeeper, Centre back, 2 midfielders and 2 strikers rested/ changed.
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