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  1. ‘This’ being Covolan, or the general team? I’m unable to go today as I’m at work.
  2. I agree with your sentiments regarding Pope, however I wouldn’t blame Stu, Jonny or Bezza. It’s Pope who is at fault.
  3. If he called Monty unstable then that is truly disgusting. Hopefully I’ll be able to give it a listen by the end of the weekend.
  4. Who’s told you that then? There’s also many others who loved him as a manager, Chris Lines as an example. Clarke could turn out to be rubbish, but he’s an experienced manager who’s won promotions.
  5. Did he actually complain about not being asked his opinion on players? How ridiculous if so. He’s a player, not a manager, nor coach, nor anyone involved in recruitment. Why does he think he should be involved in that? I’m glad Flitcroft didn’t because tbh that seems a lot more professional.
  6. I have also not listened yet so won’t comment until I have, but his twitter escapades were a disgrace. I was at university at the time of his anti-Semitic tweets, and my tutor group was aware I was a Vale fan as I used to discuss football with a couple. Two of the people in my tutor group were Jewish, and both of them remarked to me about Pope’s comments. One was a Spurs fan from London, and the other didn’t even watch football - neither were from Stoke. But it made national news. So people who wouldn’t know anything about Vale had heard the rubbish he was spouting on twitter, and I was ashamed to hear them mention it. Love Tom Pope the player, but after that incident, I’ve really not thought much of him as a person to say the least.
  7. Thought we were fairly poor tonight but I’m not hitting the panic button yet. Let’s look at the positives. Again didn’t look like conceding, that’s two clean sheets out of 3 games. Hit the woodwork twice again. That’s 4 times in 2 games. A couple of inches either way and we’ve scored 4 goals. Shows how our luck just hasn’t been in. This time is still new and will take time to gel. Definitely positive signs for sure. Negatives tonight. Still not sold on Covolan. Came for a ball in the first half he clearly hadn’t called for and Jones cleared it, looked dodgy. Kicking poor again. Will still wait to see him more before I form an opinion on him. Far too much hoofball yet again. There were some instances where an obvious pass was on and we launched it up and lost it. It was also very frustrating with the lack of urgency at the end. Jones in particular was guilty of this at the end, as instead of passing to Amoo he kept waiting or going back to Covolan. Overall if we took our chances we could be talking about a win here. We seem hesitant to shoot. E.g. Worrall early in first half waited to pull trigger and got tackled. Then there was Rodney in the second half where he held the ball for an age before shooting. Maybe just a lack of confidence? Hopefully we can kick on and get a win at Stevenage.
  8. Lack of turnstile operators is also no excuse imo. Hardly a high skilled job, surely they could move other staff from the club to cover a turnstile if they’re down a person?
  9. I agree that was the instruction and understand your point. It’s just a bit frustrating because 9/10 times the ball went straight back to them and we just gave up possession.
  10. It was mostly poor, which I’m not going to have a huge go at him for, it’s just one game. I’d just point out Brown got continuously lambasted for it and today Covolan’s was even worse
  11. Must also say, wasn’t impressed by Covolan. His distribution was atrocious, was lucky not to concede when he came out and headed it away. Also looked a bit indecisive on some crosses that came in and wasn’t sure whether to come or go. Hopefully was just an iffy game for him.
  12. Decent performance, deserved to win imo. First half Rodney wasn’t tracking back and it was giving their RB free reign to run to the edge of our box and do whatever he wanted, thankfully we sorted that. Also too much long ball for my liking, kept turning possession straight back over to them. Again this improved for second half. If we play like we have the last two games all season I’m confident we’ll have a good season. The goals will come, unlucky today with hitting the post and bar and their keeper making a good save. Didn’t affect me because I got in early, but the ticketing and parking system is a farce. How can you sell someone a parking permit for the season and then tell them it’s full? Needs sorting quickly.
  13. Interesting that Legge has kept his place over Martin.
  14. Poor buggers. That really is a joke though. For him to have such an atrocious game and not get either sat for a couple of weeks or demoted to non league is a farce. So there’s no consequence for putting in a bad performance then. Refs know it doesn’t matter if they’re rubbish, they’ll be out next week again.
  15. Just watched the highlights and I’m even angrier at the referee than I was last night, as it’s confirmed what I already thought. So we had a perfectly legitimate goal ruled out. We had a blatant penalty not given for handball. And they got a penalty when we won the ball. And we lost 2-1. So even if you don’t account for the penalty we should’ve had, it’s a 2-1 win for us. If we put away that penalty, it’s 3-1. I can’t ever remember a refereeing performance where they got 3 major decisions (and easy ones at that) so wrong, that all resulted in a goal being scored or not given. Does anyone know how to find out what game the ref is on next? I’d like to see if he gets demoted to non league, because if he doesn’t, that is truly laughable, and proves that the FA and EFL truly don’t give one about the standard of their referees.
  16. Just got back in. Played ok first half, not great, didn’t deserve to be behind at half time. I’d like to see our disallowed goal again because it looked to me like their keeper just dropped the ball, but I wasn’t 100%. Second half when we switched to 442 we absolutely battered them, deserved a win easily. Impressed with Jones and Pett in particular but I thought everyone played fairly well. Onto the referee. What an absolutely disgusting disgrace of a performance. A blind man could’ve seen the blatant handball in the first half that should’ve been a penalty for us. And as for the penalty he gave them, it is truly unbelievable. The whole of the railway stand could tell the keeper won the ball, I could see from 100 yards away. But somehow neither the ref nor the liner can. Beggars belief. As fans were singing at the end, it truly was 2-1 to the referee. Sadly, we all know he won’t get any punishment from the FA, and he’ll be rolled out next week to ruin another game.
  17. Isn’t this the bloke that left Worrall in acres of space to smash in his volley against Harrogate? Reckon he’s our starter or our back up?
  18. A bit concerned to see the reactions from Oldham fans, especially considering we payed a fee for him. Hopefully it works out though and we can get the best out of him.
  19. Great podcast as usual. Must say a big thanks to both Phil and Mike for coming on, thought both spoke really well and were very interesting.
  20. Great podcast as usual, but I must pull you on something Stu ;) . A defensive mid like Joyce is a number 4 and your centre half is a 6, not the other way round!! 😜
  21. Jesus Jonny’s a harsh bugger! 6 for Robinson?! Had a good game for me, easily a 7 Edit: Rodney too?! Bloody hell 😂
  22. Couldn’t care less about swearing, do it watching the Vale games myself. Should just put a disclaimer at the start and then if someone can’t handle it they don’t have to listen.
  23. Just a heads up Stu, it’s coming up on Spotify as ‘Oldham Preview’ but still has the correct description as if it’s after the match. Not that it matters but just thought I’d let you know.
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