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  1. I really don’t think this is a must win, people need to calm down. Obviously it would be nice, but we’ve got half a season left! There’s plenty of time. We had an incredible run earlier in the season and are now in the middle of a poor one, that’s football. Hopefully we can turn it round soon.
  2. I mostly agreed with Jonny tbf. Only thing I’d disagree on is that I’d keep Stone in if he does well, as I think it’s now his place to lose. But I’m not writing off Covolan after his moment of madness, hopefully he learns from it and doesn’t do it again. He’s clearly the better keeper - only had to see Stone getting caught in no man’s land yesterday and almost getting lobbed.
  3. I’d also like to say it’s very unfair to say 3 reds. Pre season never a red. Second red wasn’t anything aggressive, just him arsing round with the ball at the back and losing it, which he’s learnt his lesson from. So for me it’s his first aggressive red. Doesn’t excuse him. But he deserves another chance. It’s Stone’s place to lose, but I’m not writing Covolan off by any means and I hope he’s able to be a good keeper for Vale.
  4. Jean is bang on imo. Clear red for Covolan, but as I said earlier in the thread, if Cov does nothing I think McKirdy gets booked at the very least as he was very late. The fact that Cov kicked him doesn’t absolve McKirdy of his foul play as well.
  5. He’s not been crap though has he. He’s been a good keeper bar his few moments of madness that have got him sent off. He’s a decent shot stopper and is good at commanding his area. All he needs to do is cut out the silliness. And I assume he’s on his final chance now anyway. I’d imagine Stone will keep his place so doubt we’ll see Covolan much again before the end of the season. Turning on him will not help the situation.
  6. I don’t see why people are so eager to bin off the system that’s seen us do so well so far. I have no issue changing to different formations for games where it’s suited, but after a couple of bad games it’s a bit of a knee jerk reaction to say bin it completely.
  7. I’ve seen that and agree it’s ludicrous. Plus, he’s actually a good keeper. Stone should keep his place if he does well but we’d need a back up still. why cancel his contract that’s just silly. Having said that, he’s probably on his last chance now, as Clarke alluded to in his interview. No more silliness.
  8. Watched the sending off again on the highlights. What’s so annoying is, if Covolan just catches it, McKirdy gets booked at least, potentially sent off. He was very late and was going to just intentionally clatter Covolan. Instead Covolan boots him and we get the opposite result.
  9. Also on the new signings. Hard to judge off todays game so I’ll wait a few until I form my full opinion. Harratt didn’t have much to go off but worked hard and scored a great goal. Hall looked decent, was solid, dominant in the air and he looked to bring the ball out the back. Not impressed with Hussey, didn’t have a bad game as such but I thought he was worse than Gibbo. Seemed a lot more defensive minded and we had less of an outlet.
  10. On the game overall today, we were absolute garbage for 80% of the first half. Just lumping it up top all time, and sitting far too deep and letting them have the ball. Second half who cares, we were buggered after going down to ten men.
  11. I think Covolan is a top keeper for our league and is far better than stone, as demonstrated by Stone’s cock up when he got chipped. However, after a third sending off in a season, and such a ridiculous one at that, my patience has worn very thin and for me it’s Stone’s place to lose now.
  12. I fully expect McKirdy to score today, just hope it’s not in a winning effort for them.
  13. I mean he was injured anyway so I wouldn’t take this as evidence he’s gone.
  14. I mean he was injured anyway so I wouldn’t take this as evidence he’s gone.
  15. On that note, I would just like to say to all three of you in general thank you for doing the pod. Really enjoy listening to them all. It’s especially great for me to hear other thoughts on the game, as I don’t have any friends who are vale fans so it’s just me and my dad to discuss games with.
  16. Not gonna lie Stu I’m pretty gutted! Loved the dynamic between you three, thanks for all you’ve done - you’ve provided me with many hours of enjoyment and cheered me up during the hell that was last season. Hope to hear you on the pod again at some point soon, and best of luck with your job.
  17. I like Garrity but I think Foley was a different player imo. Foley had much more quality, both have good work ethic, and I think Garrity is a far more ratty player than Foley (which can be and is useful, as it was last night). Garrity isn’t high on quality but I think he’s a very useful player for us in games such as this. Been a good signing imo.
  18. I mean obviously we have a chance of winning, but it’s pretty unlikely. I wanted either a big pay day or a team we’ve got a good chance of beating.
  19. Terrible draw imo. Certain loss, not a big club so won’t be a big gate, and a club we’ve played a lot in recent years.
  20. Difference is under Askey they were pretty much all muscular injuries.
  21. I’m torn over the voucher system. It would encourage people to attend games which is good for profits, but also, say you’ve been to every game this season but can’t make the next few, you lose out despite you putting more into the club already. This could all be a moot point if we end up with a rubbish draw anyway.
  22. Also, I love Clarke. Check out him chanting Politic’s name during his interview.
  23. Really must say how well we’ve done to reach the first round. Most teams at our level to get this far will have played a non league side or another side in our division. We’ve had to beat two mid table sides in the division above, both not easy draws. Great for the clubs finances and I would love Man U away to get us a big pay day.
  24. I really don’t think we can afford to be signing another striker, we’ve just had terrible luck. If we are classing Amoo as a striker we already have 5 on the books, how many do we need? Bear in mind with Proctor, Wilson and Lloyd we currently have 3 forwards out injured (including our starting 2). Any team would struggle in this predicament.
  25. Tell Jonny if Jones is above a 2 I’d like a very good explanation as to why please. Rubbish.
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