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  1. Oh bore off. Find me a manager who’s never gone on a winless streak ever in their career please.
  2. I agree it’s Covolan’s fault for not playing. But Stone takes full fault for the goal for me. Had absolutely loads of time to pick a pass and does that instead. If Covolan made that mistake there’d be uproar.
  3. Absolute crap second half, the change with Pett off made us worse as we lost the midfield. This also clearly showed to me Covolan is the far better keeper than stone. Stone made a dreadful error in giving it away needlessly under pressure, and then caught in no mans land when the ball came in. Oh, and Martin is absolutely *****
  4. Hope Hall isn’t out too long, he’s looked decent so far.
  5. Pretty sure gibbo ‘holding his groin’ was actually from him being hit in the you know where
  6. On other note, looks like we’re set for a pretty poor attendance tonight. About ten fans in the away end!
  7. You’re right - very bizarre decision. Hopefully doesn’t backfire
  8. Can’t believe these clowns texting radio stoke - how on Earth is Clarke under pressure. I really do hate our fan base at times. Also once again, this isn’t a ‘big game’. There’s over half a season left - are you going to say every single game between now and then is a ‘big game’.
  9. I understand the calls to drop Wilson since he was so ineffective, but he’s never going to get match fit again if we don’t play him. Has to play for me.
  10. And I don’t disagree. But he wouldn’t have started a game this season. So it’s irrelevant whether it was him or Johnson warming the bench. And we sold Johnson for a fee and there’s no way in a million years that would’ve happened with Brisley. So it’s worked out well for us.
  11. Don’t be silly. Assuming we got no draws in your scenario, that would put us on 83 points - that would’ve won the league last year.
  12. Who knows what will happen, we could turn absolute rubbish between now and end of season. However, in current circumstances we are still in a good position so no need for panic stations yet
  13. Pointless. Wouldn’t have played any more than Johnson. By selling Johnson we essentially had a free squad player for a few months. And I seriously doubt Brisley would be on less than Johnson. Brisley an established football league player versus a young lad first time in the league.
  14. We did make a profit if you look at it from a different perspective. We needed a back up centre half for that time - if not Johnson then it would’ve been someone else. So we would’ve been paying someone wages regardless. Instead we’ve flogged him and got the money back for him. Essentially had a player for free for a few months. Good business.
  15. But nothings going on in the background? A member of academy staff has left - we know we’ve been trying to improve the academy. Good luck to him. Politic has been recalled to be sold to a club that might be in serie A next season - we can’t do owt about that. Gibbons might be off to Sheffield utd. Again, can’t do owt about that. They’re in the championship. People going way OTT as per usual
  16. You demonstrate it yourself by saying automatics are beyond us - on what grounds? There’s over half the season left yet, one bad half against Swindon doesn’t define our season.
  17. I’m not happy with it, but we’re a league 2 side. We are going to have bad halves and games for that matter.
  18. I cannot believe the levels of panic that has hit this forum in the last few days. We are still in a great position, one poor run of form and everyone’s lost their heads. Let’s all calm down please. We aren’t even half way through the season yet. This current state of panic will not help the players, and it’s completely unjustified.
  19. I second this. I don’t know why everyone’s hit the panic button. People need to calm down. We’re not going to win every single game between now and end of season.
  20. What an embarrassment of a thread. Calm down. Jesus.
  21. Pressure building on the manager? Please say you’re having me on…
  22. I’d counter by saying people are clouded because it’s Covolan and they don’t like him either. Im not excusing Covolan’s actions, it was a clear red card. However, it was not a fair challenge from McKirdy. Watch it again. He’s already caught the ball and McKirdy is just going to barge into him. If Covolan does nothing and just catches the ball McKirdy gets booked. Edit - I’m not saying McKirdy fouled Covolan either. Just that he would’ve if Covolan wasn’t a prat.
  23. If Covolan does nothing McKirdy was going to clatter him. Not excusing Covolan at all, but McKirdy was being dirty. He’d already caught the ball and then McKirdy was just going to jump into him.
  24. Only change I’d make for Tuesday is I’d drop Garrity for Walker and play Pett further up the pitch. Unfair on Garrity I know but I feel we need a proper defensive midfielder and need to utilise Pett’s ability on the ball more.
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