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  1. Question, why’s he called sexman? I must’ve missed whatever it was at the time.
  2. Can people stop ****ing the bed. It was always going to be tough at tranmere, especially without Clarke.
  3. Sounded a horrendous game. Point not disastrous though and keeps unbeaten run going.
  4. Happy to make it to half time at 0-0. Wouldn’t be overly disappointed with a point today.
  5. Can’t make it today unfortunately, can anyone tell me who’s on commentary? Just deciding whether to buy an audio pass or not, if Sproson’s on I might give it a miss.
  6. Class performance that was besides the dreadful goal we conceded. We could’ve scored a hatful. Could put down about 8 players to be MOTM. Job done and onto the next game.
  7. We look a bit suspect at the back, especially Worrall. Their number 30 looks a handful. Really poor goal to give away. Apart from that, played some really good stuff. Wilson been absolute class. Deservedly in front.
  8. I sit in line with the halfway line in the railway stand, he was 100% offside.
  9. I cannot for the life of me understand how someone can be negative about that. Good performance and we’ve taken 4 points off the team that’s running away with the league.
  10. Absolutely cracking game - Wilson, Garrity and Worrall all outstanding but everyone played well. Ref absolute disgrace, how no one got booked is beyond me. And turned down stonewall penalty.
  11. I’m not particularly confident for tonight and am expecting a bad result. Hopefully they can surprise me. It’s going to be tough conditions again, hope forest green aren’t up to it. Not looking forward to being up on the hill outside the railway in this wind!
  12. I have a question - why were Scunthorpe allowed to make 4 subs? I thought they had at the time but just checked and according to sky they did. I thought the 5 subs allowed was just temporary for last season?
  13. Dreadful game but said before the game I don’t care about the performance as long as we win. Great effort from Wilson today. New keeper seems dodgy.
  14. Concerned about the midfield - Garrity isn’t good enough on the ball to control the midfield in a 2, especially alongside a defensive mid.
  15. We’re absolutely cursed with injuries it seems. Won’t get promotion with this many out. Gibbons’ hamstrings made of glass.
  16. He kicked at least one straight out of play, miskicked one that barely made it to the halfway line, and also miskicked the one that led to their corner for the goal.
  17. Great pod as usual, but must disagree with Jonny - Stone’s kicking was abysmal.
  18. Nope. That’s one reason why we’re buggered at the moment. Got an unfit Wilson and our two other best strikers out injured.
  19. Yes he was playing very well before injury, people have short memories.
  20. I would just like to put something in context. Our best 3 strikers at the club, I think everyone would agree, are Proctor, Wilson and Rodney. All 3 got injured, 2 are still out and Wilson is nowhere near full fitness. Any club in this predicament would struggle.
  21. I noticed that about throws. No one shows for the ball, we take an age to take them, and more often than not lose the ball. Dreadful.
  22. Clarke’s change second half made us worse where he took Pett off. We completely lost the midfield and resorted to hoofball..
  23. I must say, I do find it odd how people have gone into meltdown after a handful of losses. You’d think after about 5/6 seasons in a row of almost getting relegated (with one where we did) we’d know how to deal with a loss!
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