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  1. Agreed, said all first half we were dreadful
  2. All those people saying we were being negative. This proves what we were saying. If we played like we could do we should’ve been spanking a side that bad. Instead we play like that and leave them in sight. Dreadful. We aren’t making the playoffs.
  3. They are the worst side I’ve seen all season. Garbage from us.
  4. Forget about that, need to get there first
  5. Agree re Cooper. Not going to write him off already but he’s been poor. Amoo definitely better, and from what I saw it Hurst last year, I’d say he is too.
  6. Sorry but I disagree it’s negative. That was a pretty poor half and we are capable of playing far, far better than that as we’ve seen numerous times this season. If we turn it up we could be comfortably winning.
  7. Despite winning that was absolute garbage. I’d take Cooper off for Martin, and go 3-5-2 with Walker moving into the midfield.
  8. Look what happens when Hussey is on corners and we don’t <ovf censored> about!
  9. Our corners have been absolutely atrocious
  10. Getting really sick of these short corners
  11. Need 3 in midfield because currently we don’t have one
  12. Wouldn’t even say it’s against play. Pretty nothing game currently.
  13. Looked a foul to me. Absolute gash defending
  14. Question, why’s he called sexman? I must’ve missed whatever it was at the time.
  15. Can people stop ****ing the bed. It was always going to be tough at tranmere, especially without Clarke.
  16. Sounded a horrendous game. Point not disastrous though and keeps unbeaten run going.
  17. Happy to make it to half time at 0-0. Wouldn’t be overly disappointed with a point today.
  18. Can’t make it today unfortunately, can anyone tell me who’s on commentary? Just deciding whether to buy an audio pass or not, if Sproson’s on I might give it a miss.
  19. Class performance that was besides the dreadful goal we conceded. We could’ve scored a hatful. Could put down about 8 players to be MOTM. Job done and onto the next game.
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