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  1. Yea I went earlier to collect mine.Seemed to be a steady queue.
  2. He 'might' just catch him 'slightly' on his right foot which takes him down.Very slight touch though and that's the way player play now.They wait for the slightest touch then drop. I also notice that although Cov came out for the ball (rightly or wrongly) that non of the defenders got back to the goal to cover for him.
  3. Apparently DC and his staff have all done their homework on the players signed.
  4. I'm half expecting DC to defend him during his post match interview.With something like ...He is new to this level,he is still learning.He is gutted that he was sent off and knows what he did was wrong.He is sorry that he let his team mates and the Vale supporters down.
  5. ..... But he does look smart in his trendy blue matching leggings Seem to remember someone mentioning this when we first signed him.Have the scouts etc failed and not known about him being like this?This now puts more pressure on the rest of the team.He really needs to get his act together,think about what he is doing when he returns back to the squad.Be interesting what DC has to say post match.(Might not say much about it as he seems to be more professional)'IF' other teams get to know about him being like this then they will play on it and more red cards will be given.We just need to trust DC and let him deal with it in house.
  6. Lee Collins: Yeovil Town captain's death was suicide, records coroner - BBC News Terrible news.Thoughts go out to his family ,friends.
  7. Didn’t we get an extra allocation down the side of the pitch a couple of years ago?
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