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  1. 58 minutes ago, mvb said:

    Dont know how to start a new tread on here , but for fook sake what a load of old fooking women you are , all you talk about is <ovf censored> on this tread ... its all about transfers ,,, get a grip Vale fans

    7 - 8 - 9 - 10 and breath…..

  2. 30 minutes ago, rider1308 said:

    Some g8 posts for whether we should stay at vale park or move. Personally I feel we need a ground that is smaller and more compact. Whether this is financially viable at the present ground or somewhere new needs some serious number crunching. The question I’d like to throw out is if we were ever to move, where would the best catchment area be. Seeing as we had a ground in Hanley once upon a time !!!!! 

    What about the land behing Bycars end.Near to the training pitches.New stadium could be built there.Then carry on with this one till the new one is ready to move into? That way the club remains in Burslem.

  3. 1 hour ago, robf said:

    I'm always at a disadvantage having lived out of the area for over 30 years but are there any "brownfield" areas that may be possibilities?

    The Rotherham stadium gets a lot of plaudits as a new build still in the centre of the city and that was built on the site of a former brewery.

    I do think the Rotherham one is an interesting comparison and they had no ground to sell to finance the move (they were tenants at the Don Valley).

    Their new 12,000 capacity stadium cost £20m but they immediately struck a five year naming deal with AESSEAL for a "six figure sum" each year. So conceivably in 20 years it would pay for itself just by that sponsorship deal alone.


    There is land Just off Reginald Mitchell way.There was talk / rumour about the posibility of building a new stadium in that area before. Most grounds tend to be built just outside the towns now.Just off Reginald Mitchell way would work in with that.


  4. 2 hours ago, Conrad said:

    Got there at 8-45 queue was already 100 yds long, won’t be many left after today 

    Wonder what the chances of more tickets being made available are.Initial tickets for Hamil 4000.Coild it be that they did this 4000 allocation first to see how the sales with the option of more tickets IF there is enough demand. - Might involve the repositioning of the large screen(s).

    Although it 'MIGHT' be a bit late to reposition the screens.Depending on how much work has already been done.Or is the 4000 limit set by the saftey bods at the council.


  5. 19 minutes ago, Conrad said:

    Trying to cut out the middle man so they pocket the money themselves instead of vale taking a cut for selling the tickets?

    Didnt think that happened.

    Vale dont make money selling tickets for other teams.Like other teams dont make money out of selling Vale tickets.

  6. On 09/03/2022 at 19:38, asoldasvalepark said:

    Bulls Head, only pub in Burslem that welcomes all fans. Great choice of real ales, sells oatcakes and burgers and only 5/10 mins walk from the ground. However lots of other good real ale pubs in the town centre. 

    Bob the landlord can be very miserable though.

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  7. Could part of the reason that Exeter have done this be.


    To get a ticket you need to register with them and give your details (ie Name & Address)They can then (possibly) TRY to point the finger at fans should their be any trouble? But that would be pointless as there would be no guarantee that fans are actually in their allocated seats.Even then how would this work in a standing area? 

    Do they want to put (Vale) fans on their database for some stupid reason?

    There must be some logical reason for them to do this.Its just can't be a simple mistake from their ticket office. 

  8. On 17/01/2022 at 15:08, geoff1 said:

    players leaving, acadamey staff leaving, shocking performance on sat desperate team selection-besides that alls fine. (dont mention the p word though.😒

    Image result for panic button

  9. On 11/01/2022 at 17:01, Clayts said:

    Nice. And proximity of the Railway turnstile area to the club shop might minimise the difficulty of doing this. Probably still not cheap in terms of initial outlay, and the measures mentioned in the club's reply are probably sufficient in the short-term, but this seems ideal as a long-term solution. Any idea of cost?

    Long term it would cut down on costs of having someone to man the turnstiles.Less staff needed.

  10. On 09/01/2022 at 16:27, Rudgiesflatcap said:

    Do we spend a fortune on better turnstiles, that allow spectators to turn up 5 minutes before the game starts. 
    Or do we spend the money on better players? 
    that’s a difficult choice in my opinion! Oh no changed my mind I’ll just leave the pub 15 minutes earlier. 

    Or spend a small amount of money and get stewards that have the ability to organise the way queues go.Stewards that will help supporters to get in the correct queue for the turnstile they require 

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  11. 1 hour ago, Playa Amodores said:

    I think the text says that it won’t matter about yesterday’s game. 

    The main point that matters from yesterdays game.Is that lessons are learned and positive action taken so that the ticket scanning works better and Stewards do their job better and control / organise the queues.


  12. 1 hour ago, KEV.WILLIE said:

    Just can't please some , we have had this problem for years 

    The paddock in general isn't fit for purpose (in the modern era) but without massive investment it won't change,  some believe there is a bottomless pit of money 

    It don't take a lot of money to have stewards directing supporters which queue they need to get in to get to their turnstile.The queues for this game  were going all over the place and crossing at one point.There was also queues side by side going in opposite directions.This has happened before not just the Brentford game.

  13. 3 hours ago, Playa Amodores said:

    Phil, I understand you’re frustration and this problem was evident at the Sunderland game and even more so at the home game against Tranmere. This could have been due to the club not having all the turnstiles operating. The club did respond to this by opening another turnstile which eased the problem. I don’t know if any part of the turnstiles are listed and I’m intrigued as to what it’s got to do with the NCB, so if anyone knows can you post the reason, thank you.

    if you say that the scanners weren’t working then ppl have had to pay fir the ticket to yesterday’s game, but what happens to the ten ticket card holders. It means they’ll be able to attend more than ten games and it won’t cost them any money. This obviously means the club will lose out, in the long run. My preference would to be to have them rebuilt out of the same old fashioned brick, I’ve little experience of the construction world but I think it may be referred to as London brick. Also make them one brick wider as in winter I layer up to the max so I’m not cold and it’s becoming a squeeze to get in, it’s an age thing not dietary. This will obviously benefit the club as ppl don’t  want to attend VP and be cold.

    The ten card ticket will not count as the Brentford game was a cup match not a league match

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  14. A huge part of the problem was that the queues for the turnstiles went all over the place.There was no way of knowing which queue went to which turnstile.There were only two stewards by the Railway paddock / stand.They were not really doing anything to help the situation.It needs a steward somewhere telling fans which queue they need to get in to get to whichever turnstile.It has been like this a few times but not this bad.

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