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  1. After the improvement in performance and instilling a winning mentality in the the squad since he came in, I would be looking at DC's contract, it won't have gone unnoticed in the football world his progress at Vale Park.
  2. You've chosen to ignore content by Eddie Ford. I do wish there was a way you could block out Ford when he's quoted, I don't miss the rubbish he comes out with but I can't help but see it when someone replies to him.
  3. Being a permanent fully paid up member of the pessimists club am I right in worrying about how we move forward, does DC do what he has a reputation for and make wholesale changes for next seasons squad or does he just tweak this group ? It is a conundrum, because this group of players were serial losers, not that long ago virtually every man and his dog thought there should be a mass clear out, now the picture is completely different, will DC throw the nearly completed jigsaw in the air and start again, or have this squad shown with a bit of tweaking we could have a very good side at this level. I've no idea what the answer is but this close season is going to be fascinating.
  4. Danny Mayor and Ryan Sweeny finances allowing..........
  5. In difficult times for supporters and owners consider what Smurthwaite would have offered, bankruptcy and no club, at the end of the day Carol didn't have to do anything. Damned if she does and damned if she doesn't.
  6. I'm all for an ESL. These so called "Big clubs " have been working towards this for years, well let them go, since the inception of the Premier League they have tried their best to bleed and undermine the football league, look how the greatest cup competition in the world, the FA Cup, has been reduced to no more than a simple domestic cup. Let them all go BUT no return, it's laughable Spurs and Chelsea consider themselves as big clubs but if in their minds they are so be it, what have they won ? my biggest gripe is with Liverpool, who the hell do they think they are ? as Gary Neville says "You'll never walk alone " they are a joke, why aren't Leicester involved they won the title just the same a Liverpool ? Saying all that I don't think anything will come of it, although I bet the legal teams will be rubbing their hands at the thought.
  7. The term "Sick note" implies to me that the player mentioned does not want to play and would rather stop at home watching Homes under the Hammer. In reality, being a professional sportsman he would rather be training and playing on a regular basis. Sometimes there are reasons why a player is not playing, he might want too but the medics may say no, it might be for personal reasons, I would say every player wants to play every game because it strengthens his hand when contract talks are held and also that's what he does for a living and what he's dreamt of doing since he was a school boy.
  8. There are two sides and a story to every transfer deal and if Manny can get a 2 year deal then good luck to him,no point having a DoF and not trusting his judgement.
  9. For goodness sake, clear the lines, orange pill and get on with it, this stop start will cause injuries.
  10. Brown is Southends equivalent to Rudge,it's the last throw of the dice for them.
  11. After a brilliant and unexpected 5 wins on the trot, we are bound to slip up, only Man. City seem to win every game, the law of averages state a set back is due,however if we do win I for one won't be complaining,one thing I do know is that DC will have them prepared as well as he can and you can't say that has been the case in the recent past.
  12. www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-9438517/Championship-facing-financial-armageddon-TEN-clubs-placed-transfer-embargo-month.html Have our cousins down the road hit a bit of a bump in the road ? I've read the article and looked on the oatcake and I have to admit I don't really understand the situation.
  13. Delighted with the win,it seems ages ago we were stressing about relegation,Clarke is getting a tune out of the squad and has them motivated and professional in their approach to matches, something that's been missing for quite a while now,it will be good from now on not watching games from behind the settee !
  14. I thought that, no longer are we viewed as a soft touch and neither should we be, it's good to know that we are beginning to be seen as a team who will give you a game.......About time in my opinion, obviously there will be bumps along the road before the end of the season, but DC seems to be instilling an ethic that has been missing since Micky Adams days.
  15. Had my eye on Barrow and kept thinking how many more streaky wins and goals ? The wheels have come off the last two games it will be interesting to see if they can arrest the slide. Southends win is trending on twitter !!
  16. It is, I never thought it was in doubt.
  17. I felt Barrows run was a bit flukey
  18. The National Football Museum says Dario Gradi's place in its Football Hall of Fame is under review.
  19. I dont want Walsall to get relegated, they will bring a good support once everyone is allowed back and it's just down the road, far better than a trip to Southend or Grimsby.
  20. Salford part company with Wellens, becoming a bit of a basket case club.....
  21. So pleased with back to back wins especially after the negativity that was creeping in, DC is showing his man management skills, the lads seem to be responding to the challenge and responsibility, it's not over yet but given the same application we should soon get over the line..... A line that should never have been there in the first place.
  22. Crewe will stick to the No Comment line because they are frightened of compensation payouts if they apologise, because by apologising it could be seen as an admission of guilt. The supporters are a different matter altogether, no mention whatsoever on the alexmad site, there is no guilt attached to the club or Gradi according to them, it's a conspiracy against them by the media and press. Radio Stoke will be interesting how or if the cover it.
  23. I read the alexmad forum, I think I'm the only one that does and a poster called Terry Harkin tried to bring this topic up and got hammered down by quite a few Crewe fans they just totally hide away from it.
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