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  1. Rodney's not interested. Why did he take amoo off. Would of lost that if it went on for a further ten minutes.
  2. Wrong subs made today. Couldn't hold the ball up. Gave the ball away so many times. Bad day at the office.
  3. Hope someone doesn't come in for Clarke like Salford or someone...
  4. At the end of the da you shouldn't be losing that <ovf censored> game. Poor. Sick of it. Little old port vale. Bad rank management of the situation.
  5. Health and safety risk in the bycars
  6. Half an hour??? Losing interest boys?
  7. She has fallen for the waffle. Deserves so much better.
  8. She has fallen for the waffle. She deserves so much better.
  9. Think Carol fell for all his and flitcrofts spin.
  10. Shows how bad the recruitment is when your missing Leon legge. Makes the game too complicated with all his different systems and spin. Keep it simple
  11. Has the forest green review been released?
  12. Just hope he can get Politic into the side. He'll need to get rid of the wingback to do so.
  13. We'll lose this game and if we don't get a win against Rochdale then the pressure will be on Clarke and 'the process'.
  14. Probably not wise doing the pod in the first place as it's created a <ovf censored> storm. Turning fans against each other and the management team. Well done ale and the vale.
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