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  1. 13933 sold in 24 hrs I honestly believe we were heading for 25k until the not enough coaches scenario .
    Hope folk are going in cars/train instead ticket sales since would suggest they have give up when folk like myself have gave 5 pounds to a lady we do not even know so she can go you can see Vale at Wembley (for the greater good) ,they have have 7.6 members on Wonder of Vale if everyone donated a quid that will mean more fans who can go ,more voices etc and they haven't paid a thing for there ticket if we all did that UTV, Want all Vale fans be present I do not a one missed out UTV .
    Big day everyone should be there and giving it there all watching it on sky sports or dodgy box is not supporting the club
    Some people are just skint and would love to go. No shame in that and makes them no less of a supporter.
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  2. If I recall correctly:
    Stockport Autoglass Famil we had 26000 (1st ever Wembley trip)
    WBA PO Final 13000 (1 week later)
    Genoa AI Final (11000)
    Brentford Millenium (14000)...more than Brentford
    atm we're on 16000+ so fingers crossed 17/18k for Saturday.
    Mansfield are just behind us but god knows how many Forest fans are going for a full weekend of footy....we'll be counting red shirts on Saturday I reckon...they're calling it the Cloughie Double!
    I reckon there's gonna be a few hundred stoke going down
    mates of mates etc.

  3. Is it me or has there been around 500 tickets avaliable for like 3 days. A mystery. Thought we'd sell these out in hours. Obs we ain't as big as we think and definitely don't need a loyalty scheme. Surprised they even made it too general sale and with an hour to go they still are.

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  4. Anyone seen any updates on when the club will announce anything? I am presuming they have cancelled the announcement today so they can meet with the council/FA/whoever instead so I guess the earliest we may know anything is tomorrow. 
    It'll be the police who decide if we can switch stands segregate etc. They won't let it happen in my opinion.
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