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  1. It's your age


  2. Short memories Top player and person
  3. Spot on Emile getting boring now☹️
  4. Whoever?would they be a useful addition Santa🤔
  5. Yer might be correct and you might not time will tell not long now
  6. Yes he has, will after see if anything comes of it but he won’t get in the first eleven midfield at present
  7. No rumours so far then? So I will put one in Taylor leaving in January🤔
  8. There is a player at Walsall on loan till Jan from Barnsley named George Miller age 23- 7 goals in 15 One to look at possibly?
  9. The Aussies will beat us with there second team cricketer's they are having a laugh
  10. Spot on mate, They are to busy having quizzes all the time
  11. Not heard Radio Stoke mention the Wilson signing either
  12. Correct, He he a solid signing to me probably the sun is getting to some
  13. To wind everybody up, I turn off when he comes on
  14. Knypersley - Deffo a Monday night.
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