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  1. The Aussies will beat us with there second team cricketer's they are having a laugh
  2. Spot on mate, They are to busy having quizzes all the time
  3. Not heard Radio Stoke mention the Wilson signing either
  4. Correct, He he a solid signing to me probably the sun is getting to some
  5. To wind everybody up, I turn off when he comes on
  6. Knypersley - Deffo a Monday night.
  7. Correct Cavalier it was a Monday night game
  8. Yes ok thanks Paul keeping a low profile Ha Ha Hope you are ok and the family
  9. You have never changed Paul
  10. And Radio Stoke not a mention but if it was a Stoke player that would be a different matter
  11. RIP Mike,we owe you Top man X๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
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