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  1. I am not sure I agree with this. I might not have agreed politically with all our Prime Ministers in my lifetime but I would regard them as "honourable". That is not an expression I would apply to Johnson.
  2. Totally random but I keep smiling at the fact 3 former Everton managers are now in charge at Barcelona, Real Madrid and the top ranked international side in the world. And they sacked two of them.
  3. His statement says "I also need to be with my children at this time". I doubt they will want to be with him.
  4. If you walk around Ambleside every shop and hotel has a notice in the window asking for staff. Training is not the issue. The problem is that no-one can afford to live there on £10.50 per hour.
  5. No, Camus was always in goal for the Philosopher's XI.
  6. I live around 100 miles away. I have not had a season ticket for many years but watch maybe 15 games at Vale Park each year. I go to away games in the north of England, maybe 10 more games. With ifollow I paid for every game this season bar Carlisle away. Given that Vale received a percentage of the money I paid for away games (after the first 450 subscribers per game I think) Vale may even have received more from me this year than a normal year. It would be close and if they raised the price closer to that paid when I attend they would definitely make more. And I could watch more games rather than following the score updates on the BBC because the Radio Stoke commentary is blocked as I live too far away.
  7. We had a referendum because David Cameron could not deal with a vocal minority in his party. John Major stood up to them. That was the first of many failures of leadership by many people. And I totally agree that we have always had a parliamentary democracy and Parliament is where this matter should have been dealt with. But having had a referendum (even an advisory one) it is difficult to know how we could do anything but abide by it. And the end result is our Prime Minister today saying he would do everything he can to protect the territorial integrity of the United Kingdom having signed it away in December. A man with absolutely no shame.
  8. Agreed. But it would have been so much better if there had been some real leadership and an open and honest debate on the merits. The result would have been accepted more readily. Five years on it is still a festering sore and is blighting the way in which our country is governed.
  9. I am afraid I do not see the Brexit referendum as an shining example of democracy. The standard of debate from both sides was absolutely pitiful.
  10. I thought she died because she got in a car driven by a drunk? A bit of a stretch to blame it on the BBC.
  11. Presumably Brexit means we can no longer go shopping on the Continent as Mr Rudge occasionally did? It is not a subject I have heard mentioned anywhere.
  12. When we played Scunthorpe away a couple of years ago losing 2-1, I thought their numbers 10, 20 and 30 operating behind Novak as the front man were superb. Van Veen, Eisa and Gillead. All three were offered new contracts but turned them down and are available.
  13. Anyone else trying to recruit hotel housekeeping staff for re-opening next Monday? Where have they all gone?
  14. These "benefits" are not apparent to me. Sorry, I do not fit in to your sweeping generalisation.
  15. 21st April 1992, 1-1 v. Charlton. We were relegated two games later but I came back for more.
  16. It will not happen of course, but would it not be hilarious to see these clubs having their bluff called? Start the process of excluding them from all other competitions and watch the panic start.
  17. It was my post to which FUA was responding. I do not believe either of us were advocating shutting down the thread which then seems to have somehow led to accusations of behaving along the lines of a Nazi or Communist dictatorship. My point was that the level of discussion on this particular thread had ceased to be informative to me. People sit in their entrenched positions and throw newspaper articles that suit their viewpoint in to the mix. I did used to find reading the alternative viewpoint to the one I held interesting. The Trump thread I do still find informative. I find Paul's views utterly bizarre but appreciate actually seeing them set out. It educates me in how someone else thinks without it being filtered through the media. It seems a while since this thread did that and that is what I was commenting upon.
  18. This thread used to be quite interesting. The different viewpoints and alternative opinions gave an insight into how people were thinking and why events were happening. Now it is just sad.
  19. Why has my life been made more difficult by someone as ignorant as this person?
  20. The Guardian isn’t fit to wipe my ass with. What a delightful comment.
  21. Again not so. We set our own rates of VAT. We reduced hospitality from 17.5% to 5% overnight last year without reference to the EU.
  22. Ireland has a Corporation Tax rate of 12.5%. Your argument may be valid but it is absolutely nothing to do with Brexit.
  23. No we did not. We have always set our own rate of Corporation Tax.
  24. We have always set our own rate of Corporation Tax. More lazy Brexit misinformation.
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