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  1. There is actually an article on delays at USA ports on the BBC news website.
  2. At Wolves in the 1990's I went through the turnstiles to be met by a police officer who frisked me. He asked me to remove the object out my coat pocket and I pulled out my dog's chain metal lead. He then said "not brought your dog with you today, sir?", I replied "no, not today" and he then let me put it back in my pocket and walk on to my seat with what could be a lethal weapon. Never understood the point of a search after that.
  3. You may not like his commentary, that is your opinion. But do you need to be so gratuitously and unpleasantly rude?
  4. Nonsense. I was born here and have lived my whole life here. I like it and am happy to tell people as much. Why do have to wave the Union Jack or worship the Queen to be patriotic? We have freedom of speech and thought. That is one of the joys of being British.
  5. Except this Saturday? I think international breaks do not count so we can watch the Rochdale game on ifollow. Certainly used to be the case.
  6. Oh dear. Do I get the impression Wilson grew up a Stoke fan?
  7. Sunny, so have you finally realised that the reason you voted for Brexit has absolutely nothing to do with Brexit?
  8. I thought Garritty was totally anonymous yesterday in the first half until I noticed that he was constantly looking around to see where Spearing was. If his role was actually to ensure that Spearing did not run the game then he achieved it very well. I too like the look of our new recruits. They just need to gel, gain a little confidence together which hopefully will allow them to play with a bit more freedom and this could be a very interesting season. And Wilson's first touch is a level way above League 2. The powers that be just need to work out how to involve him more but the pedigree shines through.
  9. Bagpipes! Horrendous! I thought you were being unfairly picked on by people but you have now lost any sympathy from me.
  10. Not politically correct but my dad always said it was an excellent tune for running away.
  11. If you had ever actually watched a proper documentary on the subject of Syrian refugees you would have discovered it is very possible. You have to pay a lot of money to the smugglers and the only people who can afford it tend to be the professional classes. I really think you should stop beating about the bush and actually tell us which people you seem to object to, instead of leaving us to assume.
  12. Politics is what it is all about. It will not stop people trying to get here. It would be so much cheaper and safer to let them get on a ferry or Eurostar but that would cause uproar. This is political golddust for the Tories and Farage. They sure as hell do not want it sorted, the longer it carries on the better for them.
  13. I read the debate and generally find the different viewpoints interesting but I think any debate on the science at the moment is a bit irrelevant. Today's unlocking was 100% political and 0% about science.
  14. It lays bare the extent to which we are reliant upon the Shanahans. The company is worth minus £1,878,392, i.e. if everything was sold and they tried to repay what was owed we would be short by that amount. Without their support we would be bust and we exist solely due to the money they have pumped in. They have also stated in these accounts they will be putting more in this year. Truly a labour of love for which we should all be grateful.
  15. I do not know but suspect it would be signing on fees for players. If someone was signed on a two year contract then the signing on fee paid to him would be spread over those two years. A similar process would happen if we actually did pay a transfer fee, the amount would be spread over the length of the contract.
  16. Standard stuff. They have provided the information required to fulfill their legal responsibilities. It would be a very unusual company that issued further information than that required.
  17. My understanding of this model of management is that the structure and playing style throughout the club remains constant although the personnel can change within it. If it does not work with DC then he can be replaced but the new person will have to buy in to our way of playing. That then gives a level of consistency rather than disruption every time a new manager is appointed, bringing in new players to suit his preferred system. The DoF seems to have far greater longevity and maybe the easier ride.
  18. My Morecambe supporting friends were big fans of Mills. It just did not work out with us.
  19. We are bringing players in from a level higher than the one at which we currently play. And some of those players are by no means sure to be in our starting eleven. What on earth is there not to like about our recruitment?
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