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  1. A lot of Carlisle fans went in with the Barrow supporters.
  2. He has been a referee for many years and I have always liked him. He never stops the game for 50:50's and just lets the players get on with it. If a player feels a touch and collapses to the ground he is taking a risk if Mr Drysdale is in charge. They probably know that.
  3. I am confused. One of the key issues with the Brexit vote was free movement of EU citizens resulting in Eastern Europeans "taking our jobs". This was said to be a bad thing that Brexit would stop. From what I have read the British workers for P & O have been sacked without notice and are to be replaced by Colombians.
  4. And you can watch it on ifollow which must make a difference.
  5. And the relevance of him being a remainer is..........
  6. Russia is a dictatorship in all but name. I would be surprised if a single person on this site supported it.
  7. It does say post-harvest treatment. I think we are all a bit out of our depth trying to discuss this.
  8. The CPS decided there was no prospect of a conviction. The complainants would not follow up their initial complaints so what could the CPS do? It never went near Starmer's desk. This whole thing is an example of throwing mud and seeing how much sticks. The more Starmer objects the more credence this nonsense is given. Another sad reflection of the state of this country's politics that this is how our Prime Minister acts.
  9. Based on the games against us Williams for Swindon and Beesley when he was at Rochdale. And Piergianni as a centre forward for 10 minutes for Oldham was somewhat effective but I doubt that qualifies him.
  10. No, you are someone who eats meat.
  11. The thread is titled Tory Sleaze. If the discussion is about Keir Stamer then clearly people have been taken in by the distraction technique being employed to hijack the thread.
  12. Inaki Williams has played the last 220 consecutive games as a forward in La Liga for Athletic Bilbao. He has not missed a game in six and a half years. Presumably this would be reflected in his transfer fee should he be sold and also in his wages. We brought in two excellent forwards last summer who have both played at a higher standard than our current level and at times both of them have shown that. Presumably the only reason we could compete for their services was that both have a long history of injuries so the wages they could command reflected this bringing them within our budget. We gambled. We shall have to wait until the end of the season to see if we have won or lost.
  13. This latest inquiry baffles me. Boris has set it up to see if her "muslimness" had anything to do with her sacking when he was the one who sacked her presumably?
  14. I totally agree. And I think a huge number of comments made on this site about former players are dreadful and totally unnecessary.
  15. Whilst I appreciate it is all about opinions I think you have to be seriously one-eyed to think either that it was not a straight red card or that McKirdy was somehow guilty of something.
  16. Or people wear facemasks because it is the law?
  17. She did for public consumption. Although she kept herself a long distance from it, her officials were in contact with the IRA directly and indirectly. She was pragmatic and ultimately knew you did have to negotiate with terrorists.
  18. Found not guilty by a jury. The verdict may appear a bit perverse but it seems a very insignificant case upon which to change centuries of precedent in respecting the decisions of juries.
  19. Despite Brexit? I am confused. Not because of Brexit?
  20. Too many options for me to come up with a best signing although it would surely have to be one of Mr Rudge's. But to just go for the best loan signing, Kevin Scott.
  21. You can be fined if you do not work from home when you could, i.e. if you go to work unnecessarily. I would happily agree it is bonkers that you can still drive to the pub but it is not quite as simplistic as your first post suggested.
  22. We have not cancelled this deal. We actually agreed it yesterday. Your sources are not very reliable.
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