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  1. Their fans expect Stockton to leave but are expecting £600,000 for him.
  2. I have not offered any opinion on this subject as it is horrendously difficult. But I am frustrated by people endlessly stating that these individuals are illegal immigrants. They are not (at the moment). If their asylum claims fail then they are illegally in this country but not before. If we are debating such an emotive subject can we please get the facts/terminology correct please?
  3. If France is a signatory to the 1951 Convention it would be legal for you to travel there in such circumstances and claim asylum. It would however seem unlikely you would receive it. I do not then know what France's arrangement to deal with you would be. The facts are very simple. At the moment if you arrive in this country and claim asylum you are not an illegal immigrant. If your asylum claim is rejected then you are no longer here legally. Our issue is that we do not seem to have any way of dealing with people in that situation.
  4. I think you misunderstand. It is not illegal (at the moment) to arrive in this country by any means of travel and claim asylum. It is not illegal in any way to arrive by small boat across the Channel. The narrative being given is that it is illegal. It is not.
  5. It is not (at the moment) illegal to cross the Channel.
  6. Given his age do we not need to compensate Newcastle in some way or has that been abolished?
  7. I agree about Procter. I thought we looked a better side whenever he played. Presumably we have paid a fee for Cass?
  8. I have never understood why anyone would want to paint their toenails. To me it is utterly bonkers. I have however never gone endlessly on about it on a football fans forum.
  9. Obviously all the ones mentioned so far were memorable but may I add a couple more that stick in my mind. A 1-0 win away at Man City on a Boxing Day. Andy Porter totally dominated the usually brilliant Kinkladze. And the day Fergie played his kids that no-one had heard of in the League Cup. Everyone moaned as they had come to see the established stars but we got to see David Beckham, Gary Neville, Nicky Butt, Keith Gillespie and above all, Paul Scholes, before anyone had heard of them.
  10. I was just about to post exactly the same. He basically kept them up.
  11. Now TV day pass should sort you. Used to be about £10.
  12. If you arrive and claim asylum you are not an illegal immigrant. You have in fact not broken the law in any way. Only if your asylum claim is turned down do you become an illegal immigrant. I believe the Government is looking to change this.
  13. Updated figures show that 75% of asylum claims made to the UK authorities in the last 12 months have been successful. So whilst the Government increasingly tries to discourage people arriving they are actually granting asylum to a higher proportion which seems a little odd.
  14. As has been said before over 64% of asylum applications are granted so to classify everyone as economic migrants looking for a better life is incorrect. I would also point out that to arrive here and claim asylum is not illegal. So the phrase "illegal immigrants" is inappropriate. And no, I do not know the answer. I do however get frustrated at politicians/newspapers who (for their own purposes) present simplistic arguments about a subject that is incredibly difficult.
  15. The lack of empathy towards certain individuals on here is quite shocking. Lots of people have issues for various reasons which manifest themselves in different ways. As a result some people behave in a way that is not the way most "normal" people behave. When I saw "little Jonny" on the Sunderland documentary my reaction was very different. If everyone behaved in the same way the world would be a very boring place.
  16. I think (I am no expert) that they have to physically be in this country to claim asylum.
  17. Doesn't suit the Brexit Party I appreciate that and that a humanitarian issue has been made in to a political issue. What I find surprising is that this fact is not publicised more by the "other side".
  18. 64% of refugees are granted asylum here. Of the ones refused, of those that appeal, a further half are granted asylum. Considering the vitriol aimed at these people I have always found these figures surprisingly high and am not sure why they are not publicised more.
  19. I would be surprised if lorries returned empty. It would be commercial suicide surely?
  20. She is paying the tax voluntarily. No-one should pay tax voluntarily. The law should be straightforward and it is, as with all tax law, anything but. This bit of legislation regarding non-domiciled status, is a throwback to the days of empire when they wanted British people to go to India and other such places. I think it is pretty much unique in the world. The scandal here is not that the lady used legislation to minimise her tax bill but that such a law existed, has not been repealed over centuries and whose existence was previously almost certainly unknown to the average citizen of this country. If you are born and bred here and become fabulously wealthy you cannot choose to live here and not pay tax on your overseas income. If you are a Russian oligarch you can live here and choose not to pay tax on your overseas income. How is that still permissable?
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