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  1. Mckirdy is a class above in league 2 when he fancies it. DC’s biggest mistake so far as Vale’s Manager has been not getting the best out of him and letting him go. If we had kept Mckirdy this season we would have gone up automatically. That’s the reality. I still fancy us to beat Swindon in the second leg. UTV.
  2. Not a chance we are getting anything today.
  3. Vale are doing a vale, a big crowd and the fans get let down time and time again.
  4. An awful and shocking performance. Benning was garbage in particular. Playoffs it is then.
  5. Absolute bottle jobs. Will do well to finish in the playoffs at this rate. Hit poor form at the worst time.
  6. Kiko was underrated, not forgetting big Reg lol.
  7. Much improved second half performance. Great result. Well done.
  8. Shocking first half. Smith aside, the rest have been dire. We’re they on the beers last night? A rocket is needed at half time. Can’t be as bad in the second half surely?
  9. Today’s match was always good to be a potential banana skin. That first half was the be worst we have played all season. Barrow have their tails up. Will do well get anything today.
  10. Poor defending and goalkeeping. Haven’t got going yet. Come on Vale.
  11. Well today’s result more or less confirms league 2 football next season. Ultimately poor player recruitment has cost us. The three goalkeepers we have brought in since Brown was released at the start of the season haven’t been good enough. Not enough was done to sign Politic on a permanent deal and we have missed his creativity and more importantly, goals. The two young strikers we brought in on loan in January, haven’t pulled up any trees or scored enough goals, although you can’t fault their effort. Do we really need a director of football and half a dozen coaches at league 2 level? I would rather the money be spent on getting decent players in. What is the point of having so many coaches, if the players that have been recruited aren’t good enough?
  12. If we can’t beat a side like Rochdale who were beyond poor tonight then you can forget about making the playoffs. Poor recruitment in January, the loss of Politic, and injuries to key players throughout the season is finally catching up with us. Another season in league 2 awaits unfortunately.
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