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  1. Hate tempting fate but I will,,,,,, BEAT the GAS and we're UP!!....☺️
  2. That Five, in reality SIX point gap's looking MASSIVE right now!!....🤗
  4. Going by the other current scores you MAY be right.....
  5. ASIDE from the Exeter result ALL scores going our way ATM....
  6. Exeter a few minutes from an easy three points...... The pressure is NOW on half a dozen clubs for that precious third place finish.......🤪
  7. BIG moves at all the bookies for the Vale this morning, now ODDS ON for today across the board..... Am thinking part of this is due to Worrall being declared fit!!....🤔😁
  8. You can definitely buy one at the shop, I'd get there as early as you can if the crowd size is to be believed you'll be waiting till half time if you leave it to late Many thanks, I recall my first Vale match 1976 ISH was [I think] 40p to get in........ I'll ASSUME NOTHING has changed then.......😆
  9. NOT a glory hunter but travelling over for my first match in MANY moons on Monday......😊 Can I assume I can pay CASH entry or at least buy a ticket from the office just before K.O? WAS going to pay online TILL I read the above tale!!....😄
  10. Please excuse my thickness, Never watched a game on iplayer before...... How/where do I do this and what's the cost for the Hartlepool game plz??
  11. With the GAS surely bringing DOUBLE that that Oldham did I recon we're in for 10,000 + on Monday!!....😍
  12. Just taken a look at the Stags last games and I feel a TADD more optimistic.... SUTTON [H]...........Sutton still a good chance of the play offs. CARLISLE [A]...........Nothing to play for but have been on a decent run recently. CRAWLEY [H]..........OK nothing to play for and a likely Stags win. STEVENAGE [H].......In DEEP issues at the bottom and if they're not up for this game they DESERVE relegation! SALFORD [A]......... Salford as Sutton are well in it for a top 7 finish, Mansfield's hardest remaining game IMO. FGR [H]........OK FGR will be on the beach but beaten just ONCE away all season says a lot. COME ON VALE!!!.......😆
  13. Bookies have us slight FAVES to finish above Mansfield and I go with that so third for me. Certainly our much better goal difference generally is looming large and is vital right now. For sure an amazing weekend just ahead looms large right now.
  14. As said deffo looking like us or Mansfield now. The play offs would be sickening and hard to endure....
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