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  1. I've read that thread over the past week or so. They seemed terrified that we would beat Swindleton. That raised to a blind panic as the Mansfield game approached. After the superb win on Saturday they seem to be doing a Dads Army, ''DON'T PANIC''!!........

    Clearly the Vale have enormous momentum at the moment whilst they basically stagnate.........


    One way or the other I can honestly say I believe that there's a GREAT chance of us playing them in the LEAGUE in a seasons time and THIS is where their fear and blind panic comes from......😊

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  2. 42 minutes ago, Woot said:

    Congratulations on promotion.

    What a way to get promoted.Daryl and your fans deserve it. 

    get royally drunk this weekend  

    See you next season. 



    Thanks WOOT, just been on the GAS to thank you lot for the nice comments there.......


    Compare THAT to the cringeworthy comments on the SWINDLEton chat pages this evening!.......🤨

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  3. 2 minutes ago, MelbourneValiant said:

    I cannot bet in live play in Aus, but if I could, would pay $100  for promotion right now. Hedge your bets an all that, It aint over yet but we looking very good indeed!!

    VALE are 1/80 for promotion ATM, you'd better be a BIG betting type!?.....🤣

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  4. 16 hours ago, Regal Beagle said:

    The "attack" lol.

    Port Vale fans were "throwing anything they could get their hands on" - what like the bottles and coins your lot are on film throwing at Vale fans? 


    Victims of a crushing defeat trying desperately to cope with their loss. 


    And again for anyone who will read one thing and pretend I've said something else: Anyone identified as assaulting anyone or throwing things should be banned. That includes the Swindon fans who are on film launching bottles at vale fans on the pitch.


    And take that bloody plaster off you daft b******d.


    I saw this when it first came out yesterday evening. I can hear the photographer asking the idjit WHICH eye he wants the band aid over......


    Looks a horrific imagined wound that does.....


  5. 5 hours ago, Regal Beagle said:

    I've spent the morning dipping in and out of the salt mine that is their forum. One of my favourite things to do after a particularly feisty win.


    It's incredible. The entitlement has turned to rage. They think that they should have won the tie because well they're Swindon Town of course and they're seriously struggling to cope with the lesson their wonderful footballing team was taught last night.


    The lack of self awareness is staggering. Some actually saying that they needed MORE protection from our players by the referees, that they should be sending photos of their players' ankles to the FA...I'm not joking by the way....they'll have to explain how their players are so good at diving that they can actually conjure up bruises despite there being no contact most of the time.


    One guy turned on Swindon police because instead of dealing with vale fans they decided to film Swindon fans so that they could prosecute them for throwing bottles (I assume in self defence?! )


    My favourite comment is the one who says "what goes around comes around". Well yes mate, it did come around didn't it? 


    I know it's not very gracious in victory but honestly they can <ovf censored> themselves. Their whole club is gross and has been for years. I have absolutely no ill feelings towards Mansfield Town for example and seem to remember Clough was very dignified and complimentary in his comments towards us at vale park, a world apart from the absolute clown in charge at Swindon whose pre and post match comments are so delusional that his nearest and dearest should really be seeking medical advice for him.


    Lastly, it has been said and obviously eveyone agrees that for anyone who has "attacked" a player or thrown things at the away end then they should be banned for life and the details passed onto the police. But forgive me for not immediately believing the word of a manager and a set of players who I've just watched for 210 minutes feign injury and lie about being physically fouled. 

    The video from the sky coverage shows some unsavoury scenes where fans are pushing Swindon players but you can't really tell what is going on...it looks like a fan is on the floor in the middle of it and we don't know who assaulted who first.

    I'll take their comments with a pinch of salt until more evidence comes to light or any club/police investigation has concluded. And believe me, there's <ovf censored> plenty of salt going around to pinch from!


    In conclusion, <ovf censored> off Swindon Town, you got exactly what you deserved in that tie and outside of our local rivalries, there's no club who deserves to suffer a crushing defeat more than you.


    Up the Vale.


    Totally agree and the Swindon local rag's joining in now. Some picture of a bloke with a plaster on his nut [Covering a pretendy cut]. They are a sour lot.....

  6. 2 minutes ago, robf said:

    If the team want any extra motivation they may want to post up some of the brainless online comments from some of the Swindon fans.

    For instance, one wit is commenting on our "poor turnout" because there were empty seats in the away end.

    Erm... that's because the capacity of that stand (well actually it's just seats bolted to concrete left to the elements, rather than an actual stand)  is 4,868 and Vale only got 2,200 tickets. 

    I wonder if they will say the same when their 2,200 allocation on Thursday doesn't fill the 4000 capacity of the Bycars stand (which they may also notice has such modern innovations as a roof)?

    I've been reading the comments there. They certainly seem to think they are AT Wembley already!!,,,,,,😶

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