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  1. Not sure any of you will be interested in this, but just in case. The whole 90 minutes of the game is available to watch on "City TV" subscription costs £1.99 a month but you can cancel as soon as you join and just pay for 1 month (they did have a 30 day free trial that may or may not still be available) You can only watch on certain platforms, details can be found from the link below:- https://www.mancity.com/campaigns/tv
  2. No "mate" it wasn't, we increased the league 2 average attendance by 200% the year we were in it.
  3. He didn't cry (unfortunately) but he refused to celebrate despite the rest of team mobbing him.
  4. Bloody ell, we were all getting those attendances then due to standing. If were playing that game we got 84500 against Wolves in 1934 Besides ,in 1974 Division 2 was today's Championship equivalent. Our 34500 was in what would be League 1 in today's money.
  5. It wasn't sour grapes it was constructive and factual.
  6. We averaged 34000 in Division 2 in the 90's, what's your average again!
  7. Many of your fans on here have said they were disappointed with the atmosphere you created. On a side note, how dis a club that average 4500 for home games get 8000 yesterday?
  8. Think it's you that doesn't get it:- I didn't say you were an inferior club, I said you were inferior opposition. Your 8000 fans didn't add much to the atmosphere either, an average premiership side with 2000 fans make more noise than your lot did. We don't like VAR either Our owner has done more for the community in East Manchester than Band Aid did for Africa! I've followed City in many leagues but watching them in the premiership is by far the best experience.
  9. You could have literally copied and pasted all of that post from RAWK! Previous to today a team that is (in your opinion) " funded by the most morally bankrupt nation state on the planet, being used purely as a PR exercise by a nation that executes homosexuals and promotes terrorism." was your second team? Based on 90 minutes of football against inferior opposition (no offence meant) where we fielded a less than full strength side you have decided that a team that have amassed 198 points and scored 201 goals in the last 2 winning premiership seasons lacks energy and is a conservative brand!? Just one last (small) point our owners are from Abu Dhabi not Saudi Arabia!!!!!
  10. They have been incredible TBF. I'm sure you will bring an amazing atmosphere, my point was you won't be the first-you wouldn't believe the noise 3000 fans of a European team can make.
  11. This season they are for sure but we have won 4 of the last 8 premierships, they haven't won it for 30 years. No, every other visiting teams fans are quiet as mice!
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