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  1. Tom Pope as much as any Vale player I've known deserves a testimonial for sure. We've all said silly things we regret - we're all human. He and his family have Vale in their blood - let's reward them for his service to the Vale....and that amazing night at Man City :) cheers
  2. totally agree - they've rounded up - we're exactly the same except 2000 of their 'fans' are Forest
  3. That's exactly the same as Vale....remarkable! (well done all those Forest fans)
  4. Sit anywhere except the driver's seat 😁
  5. Not 100% on this but given the last announcement on 23rd (15452), I think we've added another 800 since over the last 3 days (350+250+200)so around 16450.
  6. 190 tickets sold in the last 24 hours (220 tickets in the previous 24 hours)...drying up a little but fingers crossed for that Friday pay day surge! Great following regardless. UTV!
  7. ...and me too. Loads of Wembley gear and goodies for the kids on the coach ride
  8. According to the TicketMaster snapshot from this time yesterday and just know, we've only sold 250 in the last 24 hours 😞 Comon Vale Fans.......it's a fun day out to Wembley...once a generation opportunity possibly!
  9. Any one less than 5'6" fancy being at Wembley standing behind someone wearing one of those enourmous Top Hats?!!
  10. well done Boris...welcome to the team 😃 btw Boris, if we win on Saturday do you know any good places to party after the match?
  11. If I recall correctly: Stockport Autoglass Famil we had 26000 (1st ever Wembley trip) WBA PO Final 13000 (1 week later) Genoa AI Final (11000) Brentford Millenium (14000)...more than Brentford atm we're on 16000+ so fingers crossed 17/18k for Saturday. Mansfield are just behind us but god knows how many Forest fans are going for a full weekend of footy....we'll be counting red shirts on Saturday I reckon...they're calling it the Cloughie Double!
  12. Hint: If anyone gets to Friday and they still haven't had their tickets come through then check your credit card statement to make sure you didn't get payment rejected with a 'bounce-back' credit. When this happens the online ticket companies tend not to tell you so it could become a last minute panic to try and get some more tickets and you'd also have to use a different card or payment system as you'd be black-listed. Speaking from experience I'm afraid - I've already checked my credit card statement :)
  13. I suspect Supply & Demand: the availability of coaches (and drivers don't forget) across the Midlands and North is at a premium due to the Rugby Final, the Scousers, and even the Championship Final on Sunday.
  14. Hi Folks, I think this few-block release for vale fans is really slowing down our sales and might deter people from going altogether. From selling >10k in the first few hours I've been now monitoring the sales of blocks 234/5/6 since noon (yeah sorry a slow work day!) and we've only shifted 50 per hour!! Great to hear we're over 15k now but need to release more block choice to the Vale fans and also the club needs to get some another 20 coaches sorted. Leons of Stafford have got over 40 coaches - I wonder if they've been contacted? Food for thought.......... Brian
  15. SOoooooo looking forward to next Saturday....12 of us in all, with 10 on a Vale Coach and 2 Train-ing in from Exeter. Amazing sales yesterday - well over 10k, a bit slower today but we have quite a few days left. I spent so much time on Friday trying to hire a mini-bus for 12 (self-drive) couldn't get one for love nor money. Spoke to a guy Stafford and he said "not another bloody vale fan, sorry mate all gone". Ah well, Vale Coach and no beer....the wife will be happy at least! UTV!
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