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  1. The fact is every time we meet a top 10 team we get beat and Germany apparently are not in the top 10 at the moment
  2. I’m not a fan of southgates I must admit but I do believe the England manager should be English so I don’t know who could do a better job
  3. I agree with that if Mancini had been in charge of England last night I think we’d of won it
  4. Good game last night and fair play to Italy they were the better side and deserved the win , thought Southgate was to negative can’t understand why grealish didn’t come on till the start of extra time and a mention about the ref who was brilliant let the game flow and didn’t blow every time someone hit the deck wish the refs we get were like that
  5. Yer cos you don’t want to splash the cash on a proven goal scorer who will get you 15+ goals a season when the midfield can chip in with a few goals
  6. If Italy get a pen in extra time in exactly the same circumstances as the England pen with the faintest of contact we’ll be going fecking mad shouting we woz robbed
  7. If Italy get a pen in extra time in exactly the same circumstances as the England pen with the faintest of contact we’ll be going fecking mad claiming we woz robbed
  8. What about our penalty a blatant dive by sterling ridiculous decision so it should have been 1-0 England
  9. This clown running the country changes his mind from day to day who knows what he’ll decide come start of the season . but find it amazing 65000in Wembley tonight and for the final come august we’ll probably be restricted to 1500
  10. We have some quality players but a league 1 manager
  11. Do you shout for France as well cos it’s only across the channel and they have a fantastic national anthem also
  12. So when Stoke and Crewe play you like them to do well
  13. Agree You see them celebrating in Glasgow and Cardiff when England lose but if you cheer when they get knocked out folks moan you should get behind the home nations
  14. Gutted for Torquay finished second and also a good away weekend Hartlepool not the nicest of places to go and always brass monkey weather
  15. He’s a failed club manager did nowt at Middlesbrough was a bang average player
  16. Would definitely buy the home shirt and even maybe the black one
  17. Really hope the new kit is plain and traditional and not on the lines of last seasons kit which was horrendous it will go down along with the striped sleeves of the seventies as the worst kits of all time (just my opinion)
  18. Not as good now as they were 3 fecking years ago and didn’t France put 4 past em
  19. Wait till we play a good side
  20. So far we’ve signed some decent players a nice change from Macc rejects , it’s looks promising
  21. Wow you forget how low the crowds were in 1990
  22. Let’s hope they do and are allowed to we don’t want any more Mickey Mouse non league clubs in the league 2 there’s already to many let’s have ex league clubs back
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