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  1. when i say you all lie, i mean people like regal beagale and bycarsbill, not the kind decent people on here . goodbye.
  2. this is how it goes isn't it. I actually logged off and will do again in a few seconds. but i can not let the complete nonesense and lies posted above stand. You all lie. All the time. every single point in regal begal first response is lies. Every single one. his post above about racist and far right people" joing labour in numbers that eclipse britains firsts membership" is an out right lie. i could have perhaps ignored it but when he writes on his post that he is writing facts i feel i have to log on and repeat... you are telling lies. just because you write that it is a fact it does not make it one. it is lies. it is so tyring trying to confront lies like regal beagals and bycarsbills and geosnames and as much as i would like to talk about politics i find that i am not doing that but pointing out lie after lie. and then others say more lies. it is like playing tennis against 5 people who all have a ball. regal beagles posts is full of lies. i wonder if geosname will ever attack those. i don't think so. logging off again now.
  3. i am going to try and stoop posting here for a while now. my son told me it would be nice to talk politics with other vale fans and while some people are interesting and decent, to many are to interested in not discussing but just ignoring the point and telling lies around and i find this very frustrating and not any thing i enjoy. what a shame. i think this country is in a very sad place at the moment and do not see it getting any better under the torys. i hope that they change there minds and decide to try and help the enviroment as we are in big trouble without making big changes. i wish that boris Johnson decides to help the poor and the homeless but i do not think he even cares about those people. i hope that all these many racist people joining his party makes him wake up and smell the coffee but again i do not think he cares. i would add that i also hope we beat man city but at the moment i do not think that football is as important as the state of the world i will soon leave behind and that makes me very sad and i am sad that people on here seem to treat it like it is one big game and that winning an arguement is more important than looking after each other and the planet.
  4. i am sorry my friend. i am an older person, but i do think we need more young fans at vale park as i fear that many were getting tempted to go to see stoke (not any more though"!)
  5. the news cameras and paper reports did not show it, did they? i haven't seen it anywhere. Just on my sons facebook page. i know that last year when Jeremy Corbyn turned up at the homeless dinner he specially asked for no publicity. i do not know what happened this year but i do know that he showed up. he can not win with you lot. if he does something kind and good it is because he wants to be on the news with it. if he owns a house he has no right to speak out for the poor. if he does better than others in elections than it is the torys fault for being rubbish against him. if anyone defends him against lies that he hates this country then they are biast. i give up i really do. i am surprised that all these people who say that they want to vote labour are still throwing mud at Jeremy Corbyn rather than pointing out how vile the torys are and ow dangerous they are and how they have made an terrible man a sir. ian Duncan smith is a truely bad person and now he has a night hood?it is disgraceful.
  6. Sorry my friend i did not mean to cause affence. I wish I still had hair!
  7. i would put getting young fans above young players. when i look across vale park i see old gray heads and very few youngsters.
  8. where did i mention boris johnsons affairs? Jeremy Corbyn did not have an affair with Dianne abott, he was single when they had a relationship and it is all totally not of interest when i am saying that claims that he hates this country are nasty lies. all the rubbish you have come out with above is not relavant as it has nothing to do with if Jeremy Corbyn hates this country which he very definitely doesn't. you say that you think all politics people are liers but you always seem to go after Jeremy Corbyn. why mention diane abott? Why not say you think it is wrong that racist are joining the torys on mass? why not go after forusall and regal beagle who are telling lies and admitting that they only care about racists if it damages labour? All those things but you go after someone who just says that Jeremy Corbyn does not hate this country. you are a strange man.
  9. how very decent of you forusall. It says all i need to know.
  10. forusall, the majority as you put it don't feel that Johnson is the best man as well. thanks to out election rules, we only ever get the biggest minority. anyway, that is not relevant. my post was addressing another poster stating lies that Jeremy Corbyn has a hatred for Britain. i don't know why geosname has to argue points that don't concern him particularly when he makes stupid points. Jeremy corbyns wages are of no relevance to if he hates Britain. His relationship with diane abott is of no relevance to if he hates Britain. To claim that private health care means that he doesn't feel the strain of election campains is very stupid. He does earn a lot but tried his best to get elected so he could actually pay more tax to help the needy. I also don't know why you put 'nice man' in quote marks as I said no such thing. By the way geosname, i am not your mate. I may not have many friends left but i am still care full about who i am friends with and it most definately would not be some body like you. i do not know if there were cameras or media at the food bank and home less shelters but i am not nasty minded or suspecting of people like you so are. forusall, you seem to love to talk about jewish people being upset about Jeremy Corbyn. If one of the most famous racist and far right people like tommy robinson or katy Hopkins or people from Britain first had joined labour you would be screaming it from the roof tops. you would be saying how awful that a party would let people like that join them. yet when it happens on your own door step, there is not a single word. regal beagle says that he is "not worried" about the huge numbers of people from a very racist group joing the torys but seems to love to bring up anti jews. very strange isn't it.
  11. some very foolish comments on here from regalbeagle. I think you need help if you believe a man who has always tried to help those in need in this country and campained for equality and peace is the things you say he is. why would a man who hates Britain spend so many years trying to stand up for his cityzens? i don't think an elderly man like Jeremy Corbyn would go through two election campains unless he cared about the country and wanted it to be a better place. I go to the shops and feel like a nap so heavens know what he has put his body through while trying to make this country better. it is not Jeremy crbyn who has insulted whole citys or meant that a british citizen is having a longer prison sentence, or insulted its single mothers or workers. Look when Jeremy Corbyn meets people - he is kind and caring despite his other faults. boris Johnson hides in fridges and refuses to look a pictures on a mans phone of a poor little boy on a hospital floor. the more I write the more daft and insulting your comments become. forusall, you seem to support a party that contains people like tommy robinson and katy Hopkins. are you and regal beagle one of the people complaining to the bbc that worzel gummidge had black children in it? they are the kind of people you stand with. how shameful.
  12. I think it is very sad that we have now a party in power who have tommy robinson, katy Hopkins and, according to the newspaper today, more than 5 thousand members of the far right group Britain first, attracted by Boris Johnson's attitude towards Islam. I am genuinly worried about what kind of country we are turning in to.
  13. I have felt very sad over Christmas thinking about the decent government that we could have had and the people that we could have helped and the lying scheeming man that is now in charge. I saw that Jeremy Corbyn spent part of his Christmas day helping at his local homeless shelter and at a foodbank on Christmas eve. I DON'T THink Boris Johnson would ever do that in a month of sundays. And now the man who invented a scheme that has caused people to kill themselves (Universal credit) has been given a night hood. Shame on the torys. davebrad. Labour had a leader like cooper or benn. His name was Gordon Brown and Ed Milliband and the voters rejected him.
  14. thank you very much toyahw. Also apologys to jacko51 for turning her in to a man! merry Christmas everyone!
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