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  1. If any City fan is mocking Vale then they are in a tiny minority. City were a yo-yo club for years. We know we're very very lucky, and intend to enjoy the good times whilst they are here. I'm going back now to supporting my own team and will leave the Vale in peace until the next time.
  2. It was a Cup Final for you. For us it was a game against League 2 opposition with a reserve side which we knew we'd almost certainly win. There was no edge to it. I knew City end would be flat. All I can say is that it isn't like that for all league games, but it is for some! City are actually one of the best and noisiest crowds in the Premier League so if you think we're bad try Arsenal, Spurs, Chelsea, Liverpool or Man Utd. Vale were loud at times. Did your club proud. Maybe we'll meet again in the Cups again.
  3. We weren't great. It was a reserve side plus Bernardo and Aguero. I knew Vale fans would be distinctly unimpressed with the atmosphere from City fans. Our popular end is the stand which you had. Whenever we have a Cup game that end gets broken up. The atmosphere is very different when we have a big game in the League. At least we turned up though unlike most FA Cup games. I watched the highlights yesterday and there were some very poor crowds. The FA Cup still represents a great opportunity to get to Wembley but their must be a logical explanation for low crowds. It seems th
  4. I guarantee you that City fans hate VAR more than you. It will probably be the only thing that rouses City fans all day. Still at home. Setting off in about an hour. I'd imagine that Manchester is going to be full of Port Vale.
  5. Most City fans would probably pick Garcia and Harwood-Bellis to start (17 and 18) on the basis that it's better to play specialist defenders, even if they are young, over a midfielder and aging defender. Playing young players is the one area in which I would criticise Pep. Barcelona and Real Madrid are not afraid to play very young players. Neither are Liverpool.
  6. They are at the moment because they don't have any injuries to their best players. If Liverpool lost Van Dijk, Mane, Salah or Trent then they'd struggle. There is one reason and one reason only that Liverpool are walking away with the league and that is Laporte's knee injury. Kompany retired a year earlier than expected and Laporte and Stones have missed almost all of this season so it's just bad luck for City. Unfortunately I doubt City will be at full strength tomorrow because of the League Cup tie that follows on Tuesday. Manchester City have taken 8,000 away many times. We
  7. Nice compliment for Manchester City fans. Not really sure how we'll line up because of the complication of the League Cup semi-final against Man Utd. City have been without Laporte and Stones for much of the season and it makes us vulnerable which means we will have to play our strongest side against Utd and for City that game is going to form the back-drop to this fixture. I think CIty might line up as follows but your guess would be as good as mine: _______________Bravo Cancelo__Garcia__Harwood-Bellis__Zinchenko _____________Gundogan _______Foden_________David
  8. Probably but City have Man Utd on Tuesday so I think City will probably play a young side. When we played Rotherham we had an easy Cup game to follow, and when we played Burton, we wanted to kill the tie in the 1st leg. The background is different.
  9. So you had a season ticket, or you paid £50 a game to watch football you didn't like in a ground with football fans you despised?
  10. We didn't play that well in that game. When we've had men sent off in games before we try and keep the ball but City's defence isn't great at the moment and with all the fixtures I don't think Pep wanted to exert the players too much. We threw that game away although I am sure it was exciting if you are a neutral. Annoying that Wolves played their strongest side against us, and then had to change it playing 48 hours later at Liverpool. Absolutely everything has gone Liverpool's way this season. If we were within 10 points of them, then I'd still fancy our chances, but we're not so they ca
  11. We've got the League Cup semi-final away at Man Utd on the Tuesday straight after, so I think we'll play a mixture of young and experienced players.
  12. Most football fans tend to like Guardiola's sides because the football is good to watch. There are other sides who play cynical football. City almost always play good football. We don't have players who dive and cheat, kick the opponent off the pitch, or scream in the face of the referee.
  13. You will stay quiet. You will have to. If you can't, then you should not go in the home end.
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