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  1. On the pitch, this season has gone well for Crewe, but it has been overshadowed by the Sheldon Report. I wanted to say a big thank you to you all for allowing me to say how I have felt about the report, and I thank you all for your support and kind words to me.
  2. My first Crewe game was Good Friday 1970 (I was 6) and a 1-0 defeat to Swansea Town as they were called then, I think they were promoted that season. I had signed up for 20 years of misery!! 🙂
  3. I think they have decided they have avoided relegation and switched off......
  4. In many ways Dario revolutionised how a lower league club could be run, with his emphasis on technical excellence and youth development, but it came with a terrible cost to young lives, and Dario has to shoulder some of the blame, along with the board of the club. The success the club enjoyed in the 90s and early 2000s was excellent at the time, but now we know the awful truth about what happened before then.
  5. There are people now saying that Dario Gradi Drive should be renamed. Some in favour, some not......
  6. Yes, the strap was a daily occurrence there. Also one teacher liked the boys to bend over the front desk and apply his trainer with force across your arse. I could name him but I won’t. The same teacher took us on a day trip to Buxton which included a trip to the swimming baths. When we were getting showered he came into the showers with us, stark naked.....
  7. Some of you may know that I had a Stoke on Trent education, if you were Catholic and passed the 11+ you were shipped off on the 8.05 Crewe to Stoke train, boys to St Joseph’s and girls to St Dominic’s. There were on average 5 or 6 Crewe lads in each class, I was there from 1975 to 1980. The best moment was when Stoke lost to Blyth Spartans in the FA Cup, couldn’t stop myself writing STOKE 2 BLYTH SPARTANS 3 on the blackboard! Didn’t go down well! Strangely there were more Crewe fans than Vale fans at the school because everyone seemed to support Stoke in the 70s. Best day of my life when I left that place, the Christian Brothers were a strange bunch!
  8. It will be tough being a Crewe fan, but ‘us fans’ were not in a position to do anything about the abuse that was going on. I personally think that people must have had concerns about Bennell but didn’t act. My boys love watching the Alex and I will still go because this club has been a big part of my life and it is difficult to just walk away. I feel awful about what happened. But I thank you all on this site for allowing me the opportunity to speak about how difficult this has been for me. I’m pleased that Bowler has gone and I feel that Dario’s legacy has been destroyed. I’m feeling pretty emotional typing this.
  9. I can’t defend the attitude of some of our fans, they are missing the bigger picture that our club failed to protect vulnerable children. But some do understand that the club failed big time. But others just seem to want to hide their heads in the sand. They need to understand the enormity of what happened in the late 80s at the club.
  10. I’m pleased to see that John Bowler has resigned, should have happened earlier.
  11. As a Crewe fan I’m struggling to defend the club on this issue, and some of the fans are in denial. What happened was terrible and the club should accept full responsibility for the damage caused to children.
  12. And on another note, today is the day that 12 year old Ashton Hulme has to have part of his leg amputated. At least this has brought our three local clubs closer together.
  13. All I can say is that last night was a damning indictment of the club I support. There is no way that boys should have been staying overnight at his house. The club needs to stand up and say we got it wrong. Until they do, I’m struggling to see how I can continue to support them, despite the fact that we have a good team at the moment.
  14. I’m facing up to some uncomfortable viewing tonight. Things went badly wrong all those years ago. The club needs to acknowledge this.
  15. That statement sounds like it has been written by solicitors, not good enough in my opinion.
  16. I’m a member of a Crewe Alex fan group on FB, and the level of denial is embarrassing to be honest. I’m thinking of leaving it. You can’t defend Dario’s role in this.
  17. I think Dario deserves the criticism he is getting, he had overall responsibility for the safety of those children and they were failed big time.
  18. I hope it was ok to come on here and say I am horrified by what happened at my club in the late 80s and early 90s. The man was a monster and the club should do all they can to make amends. Thankfully these days child safeguards are much stronger. I’m a coach myself and there are strict rules about behaviour with young players.
  19. I can’t argue with this at all, it’s a very fair point. I feel sick that it happened at the club I love, and my support for them is not what it once was.
  20. As a Crewe fan, this report makes disturbing reading and my club does not come out of it well. It was crazy to have kids staying overnight at his house with no supervision. The system in the 70s and 80s played into the hands Of men like Bennell.
  21. My top three would be Dusty Springfield, Alison Moyet and Kate Rusby.
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