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  1. I have been watching from Australia for the last few years, sounds a long way away however I have a good link and can stream other UK based stuff no problem. Last season was the best by far, previous seasons have been hit and miss to the point where I felt obliged to ask for a refund but they don't offer that even if nothing works. Last season only some games didn't work and some took a few weeks to be put up to watch. The best client i have found is the Ipad app however I would like to use the PC browser and put it on my TV but as I'm now I more likely to watch the game the day after (I cannot afford to be wrecked by the late nights unless it's a big game) - There is no way to turn off all the match details so you can basically see the scores from the start and that ruins watching, I logged this as an issue but they didn't think it was something that most people would want Bottom line we don't have much choice, and if there are problems we should log them with ifollow and badger the EFL as well as its ultimately their service regardless how they want to point the finger at the provider
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