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  1. They certainly do. Bloke comes across like a complete tit, ranting and raving all the time.
  2. Its time we looked beyond Pope. He has been a great player for us but his time is just about up. If we are to evolve we need more mobility up front. Rodney is getting better every time he plays so I aren't too worried about it. Pope does give us an added defensive bonus against set pieces and his ability to hold the ball up is great. If he would be happy to play a cameo role, where he comes on if we are trying to see out a game, get the ball up, defend set pieces etc then I would happily hand him 2 years because that option on the bench would be a genuine weapon. However, I woul
  3. It was only 1 bad run of results that caused the fans to turn on Askey. Just saying.
  4. Tone? Funny how he had us fighting for playoffs last season if that is the case.
  5. In fact if you throw Smith in there too, whoever comes in has the makings of a new spine with years to offer.
  6. As much as folk go on about the age of Joyce, Legge and Pope, we also have the likes of Tom Conlon, Gibbo, Hurst and Rodney. I like Tom Conlon alot, I think he has a very bright future.
  7. Joe, stop trying to apply logic I have already shown you that your logic is seriously flawed. Just because a bloke in the business has been shafted and hasn't made a song and a dance about it to the owners does not mean Carol is complicit or anything else. It also doesn't mean it didn't happen either. You tell me Joe, a man like Askey who is the epitome of calm and methodical, how did it all implode after a couple of losses... a few nay sayers the background who had the ear of a few senior players giving it the "see what I mean" routine, thats how. Askey was too loyal to some of t
  8. Nope. I have already told you several times Askey took responsibility which is not the same as it being his fault. Try reading Joe and thinking wouldn't go a miss either.
  9. No I aren't and again this shows you for what I have been saying. You really need to grow up a bit. Is that the same kicking you were giving her when she wasn't sacking Askey by the way? That's your logic anyway but as I have said, its flawed.
  10. Thats what you boil it all down to is it Joe? You were questioning Carol's judgement before she sacked Askey now she is pure as the driven snow again.... Carol hasn't done anything wrong, she has acted with the facts she has got. Its as simple as that.
  11. Why don't you at least try to understand that yourself? I have told you, its all in there you just need to exercise some thought.
  12. Mutiny? Again you show your green nature to these things. It doesn't take mutiny, it takes a seed, thats all, a seed. Dressing rooms are by there very nature a room full of egotistical men. A seed is all that is needed at the right time to the right person.
  13. If you read what I have posted without jumping into defensive "unhinged" or "conspiracist" mode I have already told you. Askey is a professional, he is methodical and he is not an excuse merchant, he takes responsibility. He has been knifed, badly knifed but he has taken responsibility for his own failure to deal with it, although he never had a chance truth be told. This is what professional people do, whilst others are looking around for excuses they look at there own failings instead because that's ultimately the only thing they can change. You will never hear John Askey blame anybo
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