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  1. A bit indifferent really. Bit shows Farage and Johnson up for exactly what they are so that's a good thing. It's odd though as the brexiteers on this board were adamant that the Brexit Party would damage Labour votes and not Tory, so I am puzzled as to why they have not gone up against the Tories in those seats, you know, just to make sure Labour dont make any ground... Oh hang on, I know why, it's because just like Boris and Farage, the Brexiteers on here are generally full of <ovf censored>.
  2. Why is Nige so scared of a 2nd referendum? Same reason as most Brexiteers are, because they know they would lose. Johnson and Farage are cowards and traitors.
  3. Obviously honest Boz has done a deal under the table with his beer swilling fag dangling mate, Farage. Wheres me coat, this country has been taken over by morons led by right wing elitests.
  4. Imagine if Labour were in power under a different leader and then Corbyn took over without a GE. You and your mates would be in meltdown.
  5. Yes but he represents the average bloke in Stoke on Trent and is our man of the people...
  6. Groups like Britain First have used it and images of soldiers to drum up hatred of muslims. You already know that but I guess you are happy for that.
  7. Did I? Oh ok. You were not clear about it at all and even after being asked to clarify it many times you refused to. Now you have finally clarified it. So, on one hand you fell it's ok to dish out abuse to an MP if you think they talk rubbish but you cry if somebody dishes it out to you when they think you talk rubbish. About sums you up. And no, I arent the right wing racist here, that's you and your little band of merry men.
  8. Errr.. Tell me where I said you said that? I didnt but clearly from your response that's what you meant. If the cap fits...
  9. Not nearly as much tripe as saying a black mp brings on abuse herself ay.
  10. It's where people who think black MPs bring on racist abuse themselves reside.
  11. I find saying that Dianne Abbott brings on racist abuse herself equally as pathetic so excuse me if I dont care what you think.
  12. I put plenty of change into the collection boxes up and down but have not worn a poppy for 3 years because I feel its imaged his been hijacked by the far right.
  13. I feel exactly the same. These people claimed Smurthwaite saved the club! He paid next to nothing for it, stole the ground, paid Wildes off with ST money that was ring fenced by admins and rinsed it. Carol and Kevin paid well over the odds for this club of ours and certain people on here deserve to be ostracized for there belligerence. Thankfully a group of people who carried the fight against V2001 got back together and did the same whilst the same people that backed V2001 got behind Gorman. You know who you are, shame on every one of you.
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