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  1. Admin goading me into offending? Pathetic.
  2. Well, the bed wetters have managed to get Carol to spend time addressing there hysteria rather than doing something that actually benefits the club. Well done.
  3. So you dont think the Tory party eurosceptics were sat on the right of the party? Or are you just being your usual pointless self.
  4. No thanks. Not because you voted leave and wanted to remain but because I simply have no desire to drink with somebody I find as objectionable as you.
  5. Well everything would have carried on as it was seamlessly and I would imagine most of you would have gone back to not giving a single <ovf censored> about the EU just like in 2015. How many of you glorious Victor's were seriously banging the drum about leaving the EU in 2005 for example, I mean the eurosceptic nonsense has been a growing concern for years and years according to some of you and not just the play thing of the far right of the Tory Party which Dave couldn't control....
  6. Well, that depends on how many of the home fans were Vale fans. It is odd that more Citeh fans turned out against Vale than Fulham I agree. I just think its circumstantial though.
  7. Are Leavers genuinely excited about Friday?
  8. Rail travel on a sunday is pathetic. That will have hit both sets of fans given it was on terrestrial TV. Not as big a deal for Fulham fans as us having relatively recently crossed paths regularly in the league. End of a very long month pay wise etc...
  9. Give it up man. Nobody voted Tory in 2015 because they promised a referendum on EU membership. Pretending they did just makes you look silly. We have been here before though and I already know your belligerence knows no bounds. Have a nice evening.
  10. I suspect you wouldnt want to understand them either.
  11. That election had nothing to do with Brexit though. Who voted Tory in 2015 because the promised a referendum to appease the parties far right? In 2015 nobody except the tory euro sceptics and Niges mob gave a toss about EU membership.
  12. I think some fans have a delusion of grandeur and a belief that they have some sort of insight that our professional manager and coaching staff dont posses, which of course begs the question, why are you tapping away on a website rather than earning a fortune managing Madrid? All this talk of getting Smith signed up as if nobody at the club has thought of it is comical. Do you seriously think we arent talking to Smith's agent? We need x, we need y, we need 2 up top, we need a player who will score 20 goals blah blah.. no <ovf censored>! Askey and his team know what we need, they also know what's available, how much it costs and if we can afford it... he has already said if he cant get value for the club he walks away and thank god for that because most of you keyboard managers would have us going bust inside 2 weeks with the amount of whimsical signings you would make everytime we lose a game. If we come out of this window no worse than we entered it, that's improvement on recent seasons. We most certainly should not be chasing the playoffs and spanking all the Citeh money up the wall. That money should be used to create more permanent revenue streams so our budget can be increased sustainably for many seasons not just blown on 2 mercanary players for a season. Let Askey and Carol do there jobs.
  13. Ambition is great but this constant belittling of our Manager and what he has achieved so far every time we lose is embarrassing. He took us from dead in the water to securing our football league status in half a season working under Norman. In another half season he has taken us from bottom of the table perennials to upper mid table, sniffing around just out of the top 7 and a great display at Man City with a reduced budget. I would fully expect us to be looking to get in the play offs as a minimum next season and would think that's what the club as a whole is gearing up for. So if folk could just stop wetting the bed everytime a result goes against us and support the club in its efforts whole heartedly I truly believe we are standing on the edge of great times.
  14. Ridiculous. Askey has already said that teams want too much money. We all know (at least those of us that actually watch the team do) that we are further away from promotion that a player or two. We need a proper window not the January fire sale. Stop wetting your knickers and look at where we were 12 months ago. We are moving forward for the first time since Rob Page was manager, but then many of you soiled your pants about him and gave Norm licence to do what he did and we nearly lost our league status. When will some of you learn?
  15. We need to quantum lock our arses next time we go there!
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