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  1. Nofinikea


    True. The numbers at MU are massive though, what percentage are they contributing I wonder?
  2. Nofinikea


    True. The numbers at MU are massive though, what percentage are they contributing I wonder?
  3. Nofinikea


    True. The numbers at MU are massive though, what percentage are they contributing I wonder?
  4. Nofinikea


    Is the same not true for Manchester, Hull etc?
  5. Nofinikea


    Newcastle under Lyme is above 100, no action.. what triggers are they using? Does anyone know?
  6. Have we or has the opposition been far better than we expected? Going into them people were talking about a great chance to get off to a good start, 9 puts etc.. completely dismissing that we had still got to actually play these games against teams of professionals. The results have been dissapointing but yesterday if we score the header and pen everybody is happy. I fail to see why the boot is being laid into Askey.
  7. As for ranting about it only being Carlisle... no game is a given. Its hugely naive bordering on pathetic to just look at a club this early on and expect to get a result. Morcombe for example are top of the league. People are expecting Cheltenham to be up there but Morcombe beat them at there place. Its too early to know who the good sides are yet, especially under these strange times with no fans and stretched budgets. Folk need to calm down a bit and stop borrowing trouble. We will be there come the end of the season.
  8. Do people actually think Askey asks them to play like that? We had a good result against Wigan and after mini dip prior he owed a chance to those from that game to start this one. Carlisle turned out to be better than we thought however they should have been buried before then. Askey didn't ask Rodney to miss that sitter or for Pope to have his penalty saved. If they go in, we cruise to a convincing home win. That's why this thread is ridiculous at this stage. All these folk claiming to have doubts about him, really? We would have made play offs last season against all the odd
  9. I do wonder sometimes if people actually understand that in a football match there are 11 folk doing everything they can to stop you doing what you want to do. Comment like we let them play etc are stupid. No we didn't, we didn't stop them - there is a massive difference.
  10. Some of you are starting to sound like you belong on the oatcake. Stop being drama queens.
  11. No he won't. When has he ever blamed the fans.
  12. I dont disagree. I dont think its fair to blame fans for not buying tickets they can't use should the worst happen though. However, consider this. We have evolved as a club so quickly under Carol that we are talking about a few thousand people being willing to pay for a season ticket that they had no guarantee would be usable. This club is a far cry from what it was a short time ago. I will guarantee you this though, if the club needed it and Carol appealed to the wonderful fans of this club for financial support, they wont be left short.
  13. I think the fans of this club have given more than enough down the years to not be branded as not caring about it now. If you really want to help, report the people on Facebook who stream games for free taking away thousands of pounds in needed revenue from the club. Like you say, if folk can't afford a tenner to watch i follow, they mustn't be that bothered anyway. And if they can't afford the tenner, they were never going to pay to go in the ground were they.
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