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  1. Yet you advocate there is a mandate for a no deal Brexit. Doesnt work like that.
  2. That's a good point, so perhaps as you point out, judgement should be reserved until after Macc.
  3. Didnt remain win the popular vote in the latest major poll? The European Elections? I suppose that's subjective of where you put labour which is difficult to tell although they are definitely against no deal so according to those results there is no mandate for no deal by quite a margin and that's without assuming not all the idiots who voted for Farages lot would be happy with no deal and not and same of Tories. All other parties stood clearly opposed to brexit and labour clearly advocated a deal and public vote. So all this talk of not knowing if there is no mandate for no deal is just lies because as recent as May this year, around 14M people voted in a poll which tells us the answer.
  4. Didnt remain win the popular vote in the latest major poll? The European Elections?
  5. Askey is now working under far better circumstances than most before. I would expect significant improvement. I think we are moving forward, it's not leaps and bounds but it is tangible. The alarming aspect is the away form. This is putting pressure on our home form and if that weighs too heavy we may find ourselves looking down again. Askey must make getting points away from home a priority and we must start to set up to beat teams.
  6. But you are. My point, again, was that RB claim that we are traditionally a eurosceptic nation is untrue. Do you agree (yes or no) that the result of the 1975 referendum shows that this is not the case. I am not talking about the intricacy of the vote or what prominent people said what, I am talking about 67% of people voting for a pro european issue. Is that eurosceptic because if you think it is you would clearly be wrong. The difference between Labour left and the Tory right is that the Tory right has now seized power and is running the country but you are correct both extremes are equally problematic. As for your last point, we are citizens of europe. Just like the UK, we have smaller contributors and larger ones. The trouble is the right have little englander mentality. We are all better off in a union of 500M than an isolated economy of 60M. That's basic economics so the financial argument holds no weight which brings us back to the real ugly truth doesnt it.
  7. Geo, you are skirting over the point about freely elected MEPs and that the EU isn't killing people against it. But ok, whatever I suppose it means you can find an argument where there isnt one. Also you ignore that the only point I am making regarding the 1975 referendum is that RBs claim that we are traditionally obviously a eurosceptic country. If you think that vote back in 1975 does not show that we were not eurosceptic back then and in fact it's only the rise of right wing agendas since the 2007 recession and bank crash that has seen eurosceptics rise off the back of austerity and blaming the wrong people for the hardship, I.e immigrants. And Howjy, see above. I am fine with my history. Nazis rose due to Germany being in depression, people being desperate and somebody coming along and blaming it all on one thing that they could unite against. They bought the utopian promise and ignored the uglier side of things. Now modern day britain has seen the wealth gap extend, people are struggling day to day and xenophobes like Farage have given people something to blame. In this case the EU, more specifically immigration. They have then dressed it with economics and sovereignty and all other sorts of rhetoric but fundamentally the agenda of hard line brexiteers is immigration. Britain for Brits, making Britain Great again blah blah... No history lesson required pal, the rise of right wing politics has many parallels with 1930s Germany. People who argue for a hard line brexit on economic grounds apart from it being untrue are blatantly ignoring the uglier truth behind a hard line Brexit agenda. People who voted for Nazis because they were promised a better future didnt vote to kill Jews but they didnt vote to stop it either. People pushing a hard line Brexit agenda are not necessarily racist but neither are they stopping racists from taking over. Good people fought for unity and freedom. We currently have the right to freely roam, work and play in 26 different countries without the need for checks and question. How good is that? 26 countries and potentially more completely unified, borderless and bumping along generally well, and then a few right wing idiots like Farage pop up and want to extract us from the most freedom we as EU nationals have ever had - it's an absolute disgrace and its sickening that people can twist and try to justify this for anything other than what it is. I hate groups like BF, EDL and UKIP (political guise of BF). I hate nationalism, its pathetic in a modern world. Ingurland! <ovf censored> off you small minded morons, your days have gone. We are European, we are free to go wherever we want in Europe and these millionaire right wing bigots come along, promise the impossible and folk lap it up... even if I wanted to support no deal I would never allow myself to be aligned with racists and bigots. If it's an option they all want then its inherently wrong. A Hard No Deal Brexit takes away the freedom of movement for 500M people! That's 1/2 billion people currently free to travel anywhere in the EU to work or play. The only people who could possibly think thats a good idea are either xenophobic, racist or never travel beyond there local boozer. But they all come here to use our NHS and steal our jobs... jog on you half wits.
  8. Hahahahahahaha... Ok whatever, that's a weak as cat piss geo and again highlights your innate desire just to find argument without actually having an opinion or point. Does the fact that it was a vote to join a common market still not prove my point that RB is talking <ovf censored> when he says we are TRADITIONALLY a eurosceptic nation? Of course it does and you bloody well know it does but oh no, let's try and be a clever dick instead...
  9. The EU wants to unite Europe under a single control by holding elections in every members country to install MEPs who can vote on every single part of that "control". Its a bit like saying football league clubs are controlled by the EFL even though they all vote on its rules... NAZI GERMANY wanted to exert control by killing everyone who disagreed. Yeh, the similarities are obvious arent they... Ffs.
  10. So traditionally eurosceptic that in 1975 we voted to enter the EU by a massive margin. In fact only 20% of the eligible population to vote actually voted to stay out.. but yeh, traditionally we are euro sceptic. You point out european elections as an indication as to the rise, you are dead right, through parties like UKIP there has been a rise in xenophobia, the blame put on Poles etc because half arsed plumbers can no longer bum around building sites dragging in 2k a week for 3/5 of <ovf censored> all. The right wing agenda has been seeping in for some time and the more dull in society have been signing up believing that if all the foreigners would bugger off they would all be offered loads of work on good money when in truth most of them haven't got a days work in them and never have. We were ok to have immigrants to clean our bogs or sweep our floors but how dare they better themselves, taking our jobs, women and beer. Farage is right, UKIP are right, Britain First are right and eventually there is a ground swell of right wing agendas. I am not against Brexit but I am agaisnt fascists driving it, which is now what this is becoming. Good men went to war to stop the rise of right wing idealists and I will be <ovf censored> if I am going to stand by and say nothing whilst people like you allow this to happen again because you are to pig ignorant to see what's actually going on. As far as I am concerned, any advocate of a no deal Brexit is treading very close to fascist values.
  11. What do you think happens next if we <ovf censored> all over the good friday agreement? Not going to war? Tell me a time in the last 50 years where we haven't been involved in some conflict or other? You wont be able to. Another lie to suit your hidden agenda.
  12. RB you are being a ************. If you feel it undermines the argument then tough. We are now trading more rupees than India. How has that benefitted the bloke in Tunstall for example? Tech start ups? Tell me where the manufacturing jobs that this creates are and again how the geezer in Hanley gets one? Now car manufacturing, steel etc lets have a look at those staple industries. JCB, what were Bamfords customers worried about exactly as they haven't been ordering? Bamford was Mr Brexit so presumably his customers are all over leaving so are you seriously saying JCB customers are worried we will stay in europe? I have cited a few companies because those companies heads were high profile advocates of leaving the EU, whilst at the same time moving there interests to ensure they dont suffer as a result. Many many small business on which the UK now relies on for employment dont have the luxury of being able to afford to do that. They are hypocrites of the highest order, the like of Bamford and Dyson. Insight the masses and then piss off out of it. So only 2 EU companies are top? How many purely UK companies feature? I will keep mentioning 1930s Germany because tangible parallels can be drawn and it makes some of you uncomfortable and rightly so. Moderate minded people want to leave the EU with the appropriate safeguards and deals in place. No Deal Brexit is now aligned with groups like Britain First, EDL, Brexit Party with links to racists and racists. That's who folk who want a no deal are aligning themselves with. Every single right wing activist, thug, racist and bigot now wants a no deal Brexit and yet people who dont necessarily portray themselves as such are happy to align themselves with those people... Brexit with a deal, fine. Moderate Brexiteers fine. Hard Line No Deal Brexiteers - fascists in disguise.
  13. What about another super duper bloke who everyone trotted out as a beacon for Brexit, James Dyson? The gazillionare who told us all how much better off we will be out of the EU who then moved his business to Singapore "to retain access to the European market"... Theres a load of examples of businesses moving away, stopping investment etc, just look them up. Where are the businesses coming here because we voted out? Yet, the dipsticks keep telling us everything will be better - HOW? Nobody tells us how. RB, chief dipstick, cites food being cheaper after Brexit and aludes to loads of businesses investing in the UK. Where are they? How? It's all lies. Any talk of immigration at this point to protect working class jobs is just pub talk small minded hot air bordering on racist intent fuelled by the likes of Farage banging the drum that the foreigners are taking our jobs and everything is there fault. Its baseless rubbish and people wonder why I compare it to 1930s Germany. The people running Brexit are now treading very close to groups like Britain First it's gone so right wing. The undercurrent behind the no deal agenda has a very strong whiff of facism. Far right groups are now attaching themselves to no deal Brexit and people seem happy to be aligned with there views as long as they get this utopia that doesnt exist. Turn a blind eye to the ugly parts for a greater good that they have been sold. 1930s Germany again? In a shrinking world, who in there right mind thinks isolating yourselves from your neighbours is a good idea? Only people fuelled by nationalism with a twisted belief that Britain can dominate global politics and markets without the shackles of the EU holding us back, surely. Being economically dependent on each other in a block like the EU also serves to keep peace. That comes at a cost, but it's worth every penny because the cost of that peace falling apart will cost lives. Ripping up the Good Friday Agreement to push through a small minded policy will lead to bloodshed. We must not leave without good terms and we must find a suitable solution to Ireland. The right wing Johnson will not do this by the end of October mainly because Dominic Cummings (did anyone elect him?) Has no intention of getting a deal.
  14. You have claimed that people will be better off after a hard brexit. This despite the fact that the current situation is looking poor. Even Mr Brexit himself, JCB has recently layed people off citing brexit uncertainty as the reason. Siemens UK CEO said back at the start of the year that there would be no new UK infastructure investment. I have pointed out that the WTO tariffs schedule we have submitted actually does nothing to encourage UK industry and so asked how a hard Brexit is going to benefit the man in the street as you KEEP claiming. You never answer anything, you just claim to have previously posted stuff and then seek to avoid debate by any means possible. You claim remainers are liars, time and time again but provide nothing to substantiate that claim. Regal Begal, you solely exist to try and cause unrest and provoke. You get called a name and claim to be bullied and that the perpetrator is not in control. You post nothing to back up your position and you revel in the misery that many millions of people will suffer if this right wing agenda gets pushed through. I see Brexit demos and even election candidates are being caught up in racism issues, nazi salutes etc.. is that not evidence that this right wing approach has an agenda and are you happy to align yourself with that? If a party like Farages Brexit Party has inherent racial issues which it undeniably has, is it ok to ignore that and vote along anyway? Obviously you wont address any of this, you will just post your usual diatribe. I am afraid that anybody who currently supports Johnsons current position, they are aligning themselves with racists and bigots. I want Brexit to be sorted but not on a right wing agenda that is currently being pushed for. Nazi Germany in the 30s has many parallels with 2019 GB and unfortunately people like yourself whose blind dedication to a cause that creates hardship and divide are beginning to sound like Nazi youth more and more every single day. You will not listen to reason and neither will you offer reason. Eventually though, your kind will be stopped, just like in the 1940s, sooner or later the good people get pushed too far. Now you may feel that's dramatic and you and some of your cohorts on here will be outraged that I am comparing brexiteers to Nazis. Let's be clear, I am not saying brexiteers are nazis, I am saying that the now right wing approach to brexit has parallels to 1930s germany. To be even clearer, people who are advocating a hard brexit, a cut and run approach and to hell with the consequences both here and over the channel, these people are sailing dangerously close to the fascist wind.
  15. Really? Saying I am perfectly in control when spotting a blend and calling it comes across to you as my head has gone big time? Once again you have failed to address anything with substance. You are obviously a man (loosest possible use of the word) of straw, no substance, no direction and blowing on the right wing wind. Care to explain how people will be better off or would you rather carry on crying about be called what you are portraying yourself as? Absolute wand.
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