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  1. Nofinikea


    Wow you are so witty... zzzzzzzz
  2. Nofinikea


    They haven't knowingly or deliberately ordered duff PPE and nobody has said they have, accept you. What they have done is allowed a bloke with influence in the purchasing process to recommend a supplier he has an interest in for an order that never went to tender. The definition of cronyism right there. Even during a pandemic, people of influence are ensuring mates and colleagues get a nice kicker.
  3. You like the "sex noises" Nadal and Federer make though?
  4. Nofinikea


    Yep. Seen people myself being difficult but I wouldn't say its common place. The vast majority of people are happy to do there bit as they have all the way through. I just wonder what goes on in some peoples heads.
  5. Nofinikea


    I keep hearing this about the "uproar" with masks. Not seen anything of it.
  6. Nofinikea


    Have people been moaning about wearing masks then?
  7. Nofinikea


    I was merely asking you that if the numbers over time show that our approach was futile would you acknowledge it and accept that simply scoffing at people because they don't think the same as you was wrong. Scientific advice is based on made up scenarios though, as we don't yet have the correct data to base it on facts. Its all best guesses and assumptions. As for your last sentence, I have no idea what the bloody hell you are on about. You have your opinion. My gut feeling is that we have done this wrong, from the outset the truth was not palatable and so we had to act out the charade. The truth was and still is, this vurus will kill alot of people before its run its course regardless of what we do.
  8. Nofinikea


    of course neither approach may be demonstrably better than the other by the time this is done. It could just be the case that this virus is going to run its course, regardless if what measures we do or don't take. I would like to say that whilst we are all trotting out numbers and sharing theories and ideas, we need to remember that every single death, either covid related or otherwise is somebodies loved one and is tragic.
  9. Nofinikea


    let's put it another way... If we had done it Swedens way and for the sake of argument say that our deaths might have been higher... say 75,000. However, due to herd immunity, if indeed it exists, we then had another 25,000 over winter and into spring giving us a total of 100k.... but, no other excess deaths of note. If our way we have had 45k up to now, but due to lockdown we have no herd immunity and then over winter we have another 100k deaths plus the extra excess due to NHS service restrictions... Which would you say was better? However, its all based on theory and again, we wont know for some time if one way was better than the other. Which means, any argument proportion to be based on fact is disingenuous because as I have laboured, we don't bloody know yet.
  10. Nofinikea


    Why do you assume that I would be prepared to sacrifice lives? You seem to have a problem accepting that people think differently to you about the various approaches different countries have had. We have had 45000 deaths although we so not actually know how many of them died because of covid rather than with it. We have 300,000 positive tests but given that in the main only people with symptoms have so far been tested this figure doesn't really give us any kind realistic picture at all. Also, it seems to be the general consensus that 1 in 5 have no symptoms at all and many more only mild symptoms who may have isolated but didn't get tested. The way that this virus was billed suggested that millions would catch it. Now in actual fact, millions may have had it but we don't know because we have been absolutely shambolic at testing. Thats the point Andy, everything is based on seriously flawed data. Also, if the deaths recording is incorrect then we have had tens of thousands of excess deaths that still need to be explained and the likely cause is the effects of lockdown. Its not inconceivable that lockdown has caused more deaths than covid but until we can actually measure it properly we won't know. Thats why is simply wrong to just scoff at alternative ways to look at this. So to reverse your question, how many people are you willing to sacrifice with a lockdown to try and prevent the spread of covid? People have died because of lockdown and because they couldn't access hospital treatment. I know one lady personally who would be here today had she been admitted to hospital when she first fell ill but was told she couldn't go in due to the covid risk. She was then admitted the day that Boris announced that the NHS was open for business but died a few days after as her condition which was very easily treatable had gone beyond the point of treatment. We simply do not know how effective lockdown has been and we won't know for a long time how many cancer patients will die earlier than they would have. Covid is not the only killer in town and I think many people have forgotten that. My own opinion is that older and vulnerable people needed to be shielded (more than what were) and that the rest of us should have just got on with it. I think longer term, by which I mean the next 18-24 months we would have been better off. We are now in a situation where we are facing a very serious upturn in cases, especially as our summer draws to an end over the coming months. We have no prospect of a vaccine being administered in time for that even if its developed. There is no prospect of another lockdown, closing businesses etc, the economy won't stand it and there will be no financial support on the horizon, we simply can't afford it. We gambled on beating this dead in 12 weeks and that has failed. So, potentially we have a situation where leaving it to run to get herd immunity over the less lethal summer months whilst the vulnerable shielded may well have been the best chance we had to avoid a catastrophic winter.. thats not inconceivable, its just different to how you think. We won't know for some time what tactics are right but its clear that Sweden have not done any worse than us broadly speaking with a very different approach. Winter will be the yard stick.
  11. Nofinikea


    I too happen to think that herd immunity was the correct course of action and that changing tactics was a disaster. I am afraid our inability to hunt the virus down was a major flaw and effevtively made us sitting ducks. Did the lockdown cause the virus to flatten out or was it the natural pattern? Was it the weather? We saw lots of lockdown breaches, the BLM protests for example caused no obvious spikes neither did the beach scenes or VE day. It does seem like opening up pubs and the like has caused some increases but then we are now testing more and more so in fact the virus could still be on the decline, we just detect more cases. Its a bag of rats!
  12. Nofinikea


    Well obviously but we don't know how many deaths that the lockdown has created and how many people with other conditions will now die earlier than they might have done had the NHS not been completely focussed on the virus. I arent saying what was right and what wasn't because at this moment nobody has enough information to determine that. What we need to know is how many lives have actually been saved by the actions taken, and how many lives have been lost due to other restrictions on treatment needed. Could any of those that have died have been saved? Its important that this is independently researched and we genuinely learn the lessons.
  13. Nofinikea


    I think there is alot to research about the lockdown and what it has achieved. If we have been over recording deaths attributed to Covid that still leaves a vast number of excess deaths during the height of the lockdown period. Something killed those people that wasn't a factor in previous years. We also need to fully share data with other countries and fully understand what they have done so we can work out the very best way to approach this should it happen again. I think its too easy to just scoff at people with different thoughts on the issue. However, regardless of what anybody says, something just doesn't sit right with all this.
  14. Please god let this be Jacob Rees-Mogg! Although, hasnt someone very recently just resigned as leader of the Scottish Tories? Probably them.
  15. Language like poor immigration is so misogynistic its untrue. Its different, its played in a different way because of the physical differences between men and women. Its not trying to imitate the man's game, its trying to be a game played by women. The fact that some men are too narrow minded to understand that the same game can be played in different ways but be equally valid is a sad throwback to the days when women should just stay at home and cook dinner.
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