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  1. No Taylor today which is strange would have liked to see him come in for this game. Assuming he’s injured or sick if not then I’d be interested to find out why he’s not there
  2. It’s going to be very hard to leave out Burgess, Taylor or Joyce and I think it’s great that we now have that competition, Manny would have just walked straight back into the team last season. Joyce does need to remain in the starting 11 as mentioned above, Taylor, Burgess and Manny are 3 attacking minded players and I think we’d get bullied. For me it would be Joyce, Taylor and Manny. Whoever plays they’ll have to keep on there toes because there will be someone ready to take there place.
  3. Just seen this on Twitter, think he’s a very talented player I remember him being at Stoke as a young lad. Also been at Millwall, Sheff Wed, Blackburn and Norwich etc so he’s played for some good teams (apart from stoke) Would well be worth a punt however I’d be interested to know what wages we offer out. Id imagine he would want £5k a week minimum
  4. Be interesting to see how this plays out, i believe that we will get him back till the end of the season weather that’s after his loan expires (Saturday) because I think he’ll know that he’s guaranteed first team football every week and that he will be knowing he’s involved every game barring an injury/suspension. I can’t see Forest involving him in there first team as they’re looking to cement a play off place so would they risk throwing him in I doubt it. Hopefully we can bring him in till the end of the season as I think that’s what he wants to do is come back here
  5. I think it’s evident over the last 2 league games (Yes I know we beat Stevenage) that we need to get Taylor signed up till the end of the season minimum. We don’t have any midfield attacking threat when he’s not involved. Still believe we need another striker and a wide player. Would like to see Rhys Browne get a run in the side like Amoo has done personally. Still it’s a work in progress and we go again Saturday. UTV!
  6. Not doubting G Nev’s ability I agree he is still one of the best full backs as you mentioned England has produced. Was referring to him as a person always seemed to be very arrogant think he’s like marmite to be honest you either like him or you don’t but as a pundit and the documentary’s on Salford and the one he did himself he changed my mind, seems a very passionate person and amongst other things so I have warmed to him Think he’s like Jack Grealish, I personally can’t stand him but you can’t doubt his talent. Personal opinion mate
  7. Not sure if anyone watched the latest documentary on Sky? Was quality I never like Neville as a player but as a pundit/owner he’s really warmed to me! He’s the driving force behind it all really, always seems to be the one doing the most work and wanting to get them as far as possible! If you haven’t seen it I’d recommend it it’s a great watch
  8. I personally wouldn’t be too shocked to see Taylor go to Salford, I know there’s been no real rumours but I reckon with him being from Salford and a Manchester United fan and having the class of 92 as your owners I wouldn’t be shocked at all to see him go there.
  9. Think with Taylor he’s come on leaps and bounds since his first few games, remember a few certain fans criticising him, however this is a young lad who’d never played men’s football before and since then he’s been brilliant, he does have the off game don’t get be wrong but if he wasn’t in the team with his energy it would stand out. If we keep him then he will get better and better with more games and experiance and then we will be getting interest from bigger clubs who will be bidding a few million on him
  10. Slew was sold for the around a million I think ^^ Think he scored a couple in championship aswell for Blackburn/Sheffield United, so was involved and playing in championship. Taylor never made step up to Forest first team If it was £1000+ I’d be very shocked think no more than 3 figures as he’s never been included . Think someone said they bumped into his brother at City on Saturday and said he wanted to stay with us. Starting to believe however that PS will have an influence on where he goes as he’ll get a percentage of the transfer, if he was to go to League 1 would imagine he will get some money so that could have an impact. Cant ever see him returning to Forest as he’s said he never wants to play 23’s again and with Forest pushing for top 6 I don’t believe they’d play him so hopefully he stays with us on a loan minimum.
  11. I thought the same my friend, Taylor lost his concentration and lost his man 4-5 times today however wasn’t ever a game he was ever going to be involved with, I can only remember him touching the ball about 5 times and one was to play the ball out to the right hand side for the cross for the goal other than that he was distant however I think Burgess was the same apart from the shot in the first minute.
  12. Would imagine 3 figures personally, never been involved with there first team and he isn’t in there plans. Would go between £500-£700 region
  13. I’m hoping for another midfielder anyway even if we keep Taylor or not, if Taylor/Burgess get injured then for me we don’t have that attacking energy threat, think Jake was off it yesterday however with a hectic schedule and just coming back from a slight injury I wasn’t greatly shocked. Would like to give Scott Burgess a massive shoutout as well, think he’s been one of our unsung heroes, when you’ve got Taylor playing as well as he is then he will steal the limelight, thought Burgess was immense yesterday!
  14. Lyle Taylor linked with Brentford not Jake Taylor, can’t see him going to Brentford when he’s not played higher than league 2. If his loan was up in the first week of January then I would question it but over 3 weeks left I do think it’s a genuine injury. These things happen it’s no shock that a player gets injured, hopefully he will be back in midfield on Sunday however I don’t think, Joyce, Atkinson or Burgess did bad today.
  15. Would be very very shocked if he went to Brentford, I fully believe that today he was injured and that’s why he wasn’t involved. He’s never played above league 2, he’s 21 year old if Brentford was interested in him then I’d be amazed to be honest, he’s here for 3 more weeks minimum, I hope we can sort a permanent deal out with him or at least a loan till the end of the season. He’s a good player no doubt about it but he’s not the finished article by any stretch of the imagination, at Vale he has the perfect opportunity to progress his career and make himself a fans favourite
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