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  1. I just wish we would start signing new players. Happy with a couple of loans but wouldn’t want any more than that.
  2. How can any of these compare to Carol. She is a great owner and we are so lucky to have her. I just don’t know why you would even make that comparison
  3. Just so gutted that we have fallen at the final hurdle. Such a shame but if we don’t go up then we just need to swallow the bitter pill that we weren’t quiet good / lucky enough over the season.
  4. Completely agree. They deserve our support not our criticism for the way that they have dragged this club up from how it’s been run since 2000.
  5. Yes but that was to Dubai TV network, not mainstream TV. As a result we only received a small TV fee.
  6. Were we? I don’t remember it being a featured game at all?
  7. When we played Man City away we weren’t on TV so I have a strong feeling this one will make it on the TV this time around.
  8. Honestly though we are playing a Premier League side at home with a good chance of an upset. If we were away to them then I would sort of agree, however we are not and we may have got Chesterfield away and then got knocked out. we just need to be thankful that it’s a premier league side and not a championship side. we have to believe we can do it and vale fans will know that we have at least a chance of getting to round 4.
  9. Ha, yes agreed. Egg on face. to be honest though I don’t think anyone saw this coming. Denis did what he does best and changed the game with his direct running and pace. Honestly probably the team in a long while, as we have threat from the bench and strength in depth. Hopefully we can get another forward in before the third round game in January. With hopefully a big premier league tie in the offering we may get someone decent.
  10. The squad is so much better than last season. Genuine strength and depth even when we have a mini injury crisis.
  11. We just don’t have the firepower to power back unfortunately. Obviously goes without saying I hope I’m wrong but Burton are a decent League One side.
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