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  1. undersoil heating hahaha We cant even afford cleaners for the bogs in the railway.
  2. Pleas can some one ask Johny to stop fingering his phone all the time when not using a headset because the pops and taps come over his mike. Can you all start using headsets or propper mics pleas the sound is shocking. You are not new to this podcasting game now. If it is a thing about money then we will have a wip around to get you lads some propper kit. It is not hard to record a good sounding podcast. You have the content witch is good.
  3. Never herd of this bloke!
  4. Hi people just a FYI. Pleas could you post links and not screen shots if at all possible. It helps out the people on here who use screen readers or magnification because we are blind or have eye site issues. Thanks. I listened to the audio clip that his wife made and it made me feel sick! The bloke needs locking up.
  5. Hi I went to get my tickets after picking up the kids from school. I asked how many they had sold and was told that it's about 6 k with away fans.
  6. My kids asking for pies after 3 mins. Sitting next to a bloke that smokes a pipe so mutch that he smells like a bonfire!
  7. And still some people don't want to get the jab or where a mask!
  8. My wife was pissed off with the coverage on Ifollow! For some reason it would not switch over to the commentary from radio Stoke. The dudes from Newport were saying that the crime rate is hie in stoke that is why there was some trouble in the crowd. Witch my wife did not see on the stream and they all so said that players from Vale are not used to playing any one with skill. I had stoke on the radio in my headphones and Bezer did a grate job so thanks for that mate. I all so think that phill does a good job. I know some of you don't like the stuff on radio stoke but as a blind person I am so very grateful for it.
  9. Tapper

    carols teapot!

    Plastic-free tea bags: 7 brands that don't contain plastic and 9 brands that still do Plastic-Free Tea Bags: 7 Brands That Are And 9 Brands That Aren't WWW.COUNTRYLIVING.COM
  10. loud fans and a bit of swearing is part of the match day experience IMO even as a kid. I have taken all 5 of my kids to VP.
  11. Wow! just wow! I would hate to be a Derby fan rite now! I feel sorry for them.
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