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  1. Hi any one know if you will be able to get it on ifollow?
  2. I have heard people talk about these rumours, but what are they? No one seems too want to say what he did same with Theo. I hate when people are so vague.
  3. As some one who is blind It's mutch better for me when we are on FM. When we are on dab there is a short Time-delay. When I go down VP I take my little radio with me. Saying that I would have us on DAB over not having any commentary.
  4. The sentinel has bin <ovf censored> just lately any way. The keep doing peces on things that are not even in stoke and copying and pasting things from Facebook.
  5. What are you lot on about? WTF is leics?
  6. I think popy would of lasted longer if he would of stopped smoking and drinking so much. He gos and bys fags off my friend every day at the shop where livs. Even when he was playing for the vail he was in my dad's pub all the time getting pist up. It's takes it's toll in the end.
  7. I cant wate to get down VP on the first home game! What about you lot.
  8. I like the South African National Anthem. I like the South African National Anthem.
  9. So people let me ask you this! Where did Tom Conlon start off? From 2003 to 2012
  10. I don't care were a player has played if they can do a job for us.
  11. I am going to pick mine up in the week. I cant wait to get in VP again. Will be taking 3 kids with me too.
  12. Thanks for the grate pod boys. Stue's mic was much better and Phil is a top bloke for taking the time out of his day to do the pod with you lot. I like what he adds to the pod and hope to here him on again soon. Thanks. UTV
  13. Here is a link from my email. 2) Here’s your link to download the final match programme of the season ahead of today’s clash with Mansfield Town: https://www.dropbox.com/t/9l6YOpEKDdTcBe9S
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