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  1. What is peoples problem with frank? I just don't get it.
  2. I really hope it's on Youtube as Ifollow is about as much use as a boil in the bag Choc ice!
  3. Thanks for the pod lads. The pod was better than the match! 😀
  4. What is the thing about the ref? If you don't want to post it on here tell me what I should google.
  5. He's all so very nice on Twitter. lol 😀
  6. Just make sure all software is up to date. People who want to hack websites will look for anything out of date and exploit any holes that have bin found in the old versions. Same gos for the OS on the server to.
  7. So have people had there codes? I haven't got mine.
  8. I am just glad I have a radio. That code was not worth the Email it came in. My dad could not get his to work either he's rageing about it!
  9. Plus 1! We are all on here and twitter chatting about the club we love some times we get things rong.
  10. It's simple to just talk about the game but to accurately describe what's going on the pitch and were all the players are in relation to each other is a skill in it's self.
  11. Some one thinks that Nicky Maynard is a <ovf censored> house! hahahahahahahahaha😀😀 Thanks for these podcasts. The theme music could do with being a hire bitrate. sounds a bit crappy. I am going have to get in jonny's pub one of these days.
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