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  1. I just want to give a shout out to Toni. He's the bloke who helps out all the ball boys. It was my suns first time being a ball boy today. He said he had a grate time. I said to him "So do you want to keep going? Even in the cold and snow." He said "Yeah man!" I said "That's a true fan rite there!" lol We will see in mid December!
  2. I wonder if Monty's bin on the creatine? I stopped taking it when I was power lifting because of getting muscle strains! It felt strange when it would happen it was like my muscles would tence up to tight! It would go off in a short time like a day or 2 but held me back a lot. Pluss it was dangerous when, in the middle of a 150 KG dedlift your carf would feel like it is on fire! I all so got it in my for arms to.
  3. My first time was at the cannon. In Hanley. I think it was called that anyway. I went with a girl to see apollo 13. It was my first date. I had to watch the film again... :) I have a thing for girls named Emma lol I married one!
  4. The polls had to be replaced because the mechanism for raising and lowering the flags had rusted beyond repair! Norm really ran the place in to the ground.
  5. Tapper

    Pope on Twitter

    Not a surprise! I like him tho. he takes a lot of <ovf censored> of people and when he gives it back they go mardding.
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