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  1. I'm afraid our new owners made a cock up giving Askey a 3 year deal.

    Let's look at the facts. The last 4 or 5 managers we have had have no league experience. (Askey 4 months before he was sacked). We have slid steadily down and down since Micky Adam's left. You dont have to be clever to see we need a manager with league experience to steady our sinking ship.

    Askey must have been the only one that could not see at half time we needed changes, but no let's us go behind first. Bad manager end of.

  2. 29 minutes ago, Jacko51 said:

    This is why it’s often a good idea to keep an eye on Companies House despite what some on here may think. 

    Dont you think the crap that is the efl should do the same.

    Efl dont care about anything but what is ok for them.

    They cant even get the fixtures right, even though we have told them how to work it. I give up with them, they are no good end of.

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