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  1. Get Micky back and ask him to see us out this season. He could also help and give advice on the next manager. I'm sure he does not want come back full time, but how we are going HELP, not even at December yet, that says it all.
  2. You said ,should he just step back? Yes he should going across the pitch no danger at all. You also said only yellow card, sorry red all day.
  3. Or you, you seem to be in the know, but why would you when you dont think he was at fault.
  4. Carol wont sack Askey, she is too loyal. Askey, if he has anything about him he should walk. He must know how fans are feeling and know his tactics are crap and we wont go nowhere with him. Thanks for putting the ship on calmer waters, but please go now.
  5. That was because he and Askey between them cost us 3 points.
  6. We have a manager, who the only time he was in league management got sacked after a few months. He cost us against Tranmere for not using a sub in the 90th minute. Never used subs to good effect, if he uses them at all. Give him untill Christmas like most on here want too (but we wont then be anywhere near promotion) Then we can see where we are
  7. I am just concerned he does not seem to motivate the players. We are in a rut, and when he is interviewed he does nothing confidence wise, most of the time he makes subs too late or not at all. The other thing that concerns me is he did well at macc, but they are non league, world of difference even if most say it is close to league 2 level.
  8. Plenty, stopped them scoring and got booked many a time. Got sent off a couple of times. BUT NEVER FOR SOMETHING POINTLESS
  9. Jacko, you have have watched football , I have played and that was pointless. I dont think for one minute he did us any good today. Tackle yes, that was no use at all.
  10. Yes dive in the middle of the pitch pointless and get sent off. To stop a goal , or to stop the chance of a goal I would agree. But to do what he did , only word crap. If you think he did ok up to you, but he cost us 3 points
  11. Whatever ,get sent off when no need make the tackle. You are right dont get the point
  12. How stupid is that .(we lost without joyce on the pitch)It was his fault ,Red card. Watch the replay both feet off the ground. We wont win many games with ten men, to say we dont with Joyce on the pitch stupid. He was on the pitch at the time his fault.
  13. Legge on a booking, and getting skinned. Manager should have got him off and put a forward on. They only threatened now and again(against legge) . Sorry but as Akeys fault I know most players were crap, but make subs instead of last 10 15 mins. Askey would send me sleep in dressing room, you only have to listen to him on the radio. Get someone who can motivate.
  14. Go back over 12 months I did say he does not make subs. He is the most boring manager going, I fall asleep listening to him. How can he make the players perform when you need need a bit of passion. I also know some of the players think he is crap.
  15. Has she not defected over to stoke yet, for a few pieces of silver?
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