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  1. You've changed your argument now! No I have not been deregistered, I will stick with that.
  2. Yes I completely believe that he's not been deregistered at the moment. Which is the point. If he does go obviously he won't be part of the squad list! Not quite sure what you're arguing now! Pugh would be an absolute fool to go on public record as saying a player hasn't been deregistered when he has He has not said he wont play again for us, but he wont.
  3. That's not the point. The issue is whether he's been deregistered or not. Pugh says he hasn't. Yourself and the other poster say he has. So either pugh is lying, or you two are wrong We will see soon wont we. If he does go do you believe Pugh?
  4. Well in that case you're effectively saying that pugh is lying, on record. Why on earth would he do that? Would you now play if you were Legge? What if he got injured, no one would sign him then.
  5. He has been deregistered, why do you think he is not in the squad sat or tonight.
  6. Pugh said Legge was not de registered, again not in the squad. If what he said is wrong, he will never be trusted again what he says. ( not by me anyway)
  7. I know we have been crap this season, when we all thought we were in with a chance of going up. I also know you know naff all of how you play on the pitch.
  8. If this is the case, Carol needs to answer some questions. I do belive you. By the way I know legge is de registered, just proves you can not trust what PVC tell us, so dissapointed with the top people.
  9. What a load of rubbish, are you saying we had the best what was available?
  10. Im sorry for Carol, she now knows it is tough. So get tough and stop the crap that is happening. And sorry Carol most of it is your fault. You put the coaches etc in charge.
  11. We need a new manager asap, but we all knew that apart from Carol
  12. If Cullen is key, how many games has he played?
  13. He is now too slow, which puts him out of position and leads him to have to foul, and then gets sent off. How would we feel if rodney was against him for a race to the ball? He was good for us but now he is too slow
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