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  1. Denise Coates has put a lot of money in to things around Stoke, but actually doing anything organising anything, getting her hands on. She has done nothing. I could put money in in if I had millions, pick the phone up and job done.
  2. Enjoyed that,. Went a pub after and Davies ex Derby striker came in, not a happy man. I'm sure we want to be on Saturday and won 3-2. Simon mills came on before the start in a wig. What a great week.
  3. I accept what you say, what I cant accept is two rules for the same league. Points per game for promotion and play offs, but nothing for relegation. What's worse we could have got rid of cheating time wasting Stevenage.
  4. The decision made by league two surley cant be passed, if it does will no one come down if using same rules.
  5. If you are doing the top three on ppg, then do the same for next four . No games needed, also Stevenage down, cant have two rules. We are going come back strong next season, with a bit of luck. I do think we could have been a force above next season, I am not of the same frame of mind as Jean, players( because of our great owners )would have wanted to come I'm sure. But let's regroup and put everything behind next season.
  6. Out of interest, who is paying to have the seats installed? Hope it is not the vale as the concert should be paying. They want the seats to up the capacity, 2000 x £80 £160,000? The stand does need doing away fans must laugh every time they come. We have no family stand need somewhere to bring young valiant1 so they get into Vale.
  7. I am a season ticket holder and we should do a bit more to get people in. The £5 off tickets will not attract many if any. Should have done £10 to get in. We are playing a poor side with no attraction £5 off will do nothing to get the gate up.
  8. Worrell cant play suspended. Gives a chance for a few others to play, keeper and a few others, still our best chance of Wembley.
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