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  1. Looking back, Doha owes £20as does Jacob 123, pay the man.
  2. All I can say is you who wanted the bet, pay the man up.
  3. £12,000 according to sentinel. She is only interested in what she can get out of things. No interest unless there is something at the end, I would never ever trust her.
  4. She is a liar and can not be trusted(I know I can assure you), yes perfect for the role she is in. Could well defect again next week,.
  5. She signed up to represent Labour and the policies they had. If she wanted to be on the council as an individual, she had that choice. So no you are wrong. Resign then put the seat up for re election.
  6. Why is anyone surprised, I know what Ally Simcock is and no one will convince me otherwise.
  7. Different, but I dont like and will not buy. Support the club I want to but not with that. I hope the away one is better then i can get that.
  8. Denise Coates has put a lot of money in to things around Stoke, but actually doing anything organising anything, getting her hands on. She has done nothing. I could put money in in if I had millions, pick the phone up and job done.
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