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  1. Managed order mine from Mansfield ticket office at the cheaper rate. If you going worh doing got 3 saved £6
  2. Just seen the highlights, for the first goal the only thing missing for Johnson was horse and cart. He is no better than brisley, we will see. We have had 7 games and won 1, I hope we get it right soon.
  3. Why did he need var for the goal he disallowed. Keeper made a right cock up, also the pen he gave he had a good view. He had a crap game along with his so called assistants, no var would help them, they are crap.
  4. He was miles better than that bag of .... up front last year. Askey the tosser cost us big style, and it must get in your head when not picked with the crap he saw. I was over the moon when Askey got sacked (3 months too late) please remember everyone he got injured at Sunderland, and carried on because he did not want the club he loved go down to 10 men.Did that cost him in the long run. How many would have done that? Not just a player but a 100 per center. Sadly in our bad run we did not have them. Time will tell us, I do know you cant beat a local lad and supporter giving his all.
  5. Can not understand vale. The cue yesterday was mad, Northampton, Sheff Wed, and season tickets all on sale at the same time from one office. Carole and Kevin were standing talking to fans. Does not give me a lot of hope .... up and brewery come to mind.
  6. He has done more for vale than you ever will.
  7. Just shows what I think we all knew. How could we sign such **** players? We probably never even watched them.
  8. Pope has gone end of. We all have views. I would have offered him a one year deal on reduced terms, if he did not accept no problem. The one thing I will say is no one will give the same commitment as he did. Name one player who would have played on against Sunderland? He wont be in the team or dressing room to kick them up the arse if not giving it all, as we all would because we love vale.
  9. We are entitled. But because of idiots like him, that's the reason we have not been allowed go to games. My opinion of him has gone. Absolute dick ed
  10. I agree, should have played his best side. If he did'nt know before the last game his best side we are in a mess. Nothing on it for both sides, but I love vale and if we were playing anyone I want us to win. He let vale fans down yesterday full stop. I know we did not go but we paid our bloody money for that crap. Plus I lost on my bet.
  11. He has not been in scrimes last 7 months, been shut. Saw in sentimental looking for new landlord lol
  12. That is what I was on about in my last post. If Clarke thinks they are good enough he will give them a decent contract. One year deals are no use at all if you are a seasoned pro, it means you are going at the end, and would they give it all?
  13. I have a problem with this one year contract. Are they that bad to only give them one year? Or they can just do one more year? If we only offer one year contracts, do players switch off half way through looking at where to go to next. Some players will not give it all they have got( we have seen that this season) there are exceptions Pope would give his all, because he loves vale, like us. But most dont give a toss. Clarke has a hard job on his hands, but he is far better placed than the managers before because of the back up. Just hope we get it right.
  14. If all 4000 fans got season tickets again, and used the £10 voucher off would the club be £40,000 worse off than if she did not give the vouchers? Yes, So she is giving £10s away
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