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  1. It seems with so many things not running right all the time, could it be that Carol and Kevin and staff are not as good as we all thought. I dont know but something it seems go wrong every time we need ticket sales. We keep saying they will put it right but they have'nt. I thought Catol had put staff in place to sort these problems out.
  2. I cant understand why we have not had plans in place weeks ago (I dont know we might have). You do the most to gain advantage, you dont want thousand of away fans singing away. If they fill the hamil they will out sing us and we dont want that.
  3. I know rob, but I cant think where we could move to. On the basis that many mine shafts around. I would gladly move it it was close ammenaties, just dont thinkm there is anywhere close, suppose I'm used to what I know.
  4. Whatever happens me personally hope we dont move. If we move we will be like nearly all the other new grounds, no pubs or anything around. Look at joke they have not moved that far and fans say it is crap. I can not imagine not walking from the pubs in burslem up to vale park it is magic.
  5. Tommy our council mirrors the goverment, totally inept. When Burslem is so far run down they can do nothing with it, they will then blame other things for the decline. As for idiot Gullis, when he was on the tele last month on about investment in Stoke On Trent, ( not any in Burslem) then saying I am going enjoy a pint of plum porter in the Bulls Head. Bulls Head wont be there if we carry on like we are.
  6. I find it odd that hall was doing a five and half hour round trip nearly everyday. With his length of contract he should have moved alot closer, hope he does not do that with us, it is too far to travel, and we will never get the best of him.
  7. All the best Barry and family. Barry come back soon
  8. If the covid passports come in for people in football stadiums(which is not a bad thing) will players be allowed to play if they have not had the jabs?
  9. Illegal immigrants, more comming in now than ever. We make it so easy, they leave everywhere in the world to get the freebies in Brittain.
  10. I did vote for Brexit, on the grounds we were told it would stop rif raf getting into our country, it has'nt. Loads has gone wrong, but dont get me going about poor farmers, him on that tractor in Swindon has more wealth under his arse than 90% of people in Stoke on Trent. I also have to say when we went in the common market did'nt everyone say what a bad thing? We did alright before I am sure a few years down the line we will hopefully be ok.
  11. I keep reading we need this player that player, I am a bit confused. If we sign anyone will we have to deregister a few? Not sure on squad size, and if so who?
  12. I think you are right. I have just gone on and did not have to log in, only to reply to you. That must have been the issue, although when you did your run you might have stopped a few donating to you who were not members. Ta Rob
  13. It is on everything you post rob, I have no trouble with anything else, I never used to on your posts. I think it started when you posted about the marathon, but not 100%.
  14. It is whenever I log on on my tablet, and only on you. I'm ok on everything else
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