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  1. I think this will be our toughest game yet as I can see these being physical and not letting us get in the rhythm of our game. I fancy us to nick it 1-0 with Conlon scoring in a scrappy game
  2. What a nasty piece of work you are. You do realise he is human and people can get things wrong? How do you know he’s stealing a living? He’s got a vast amount of knowledge about not only Vale but football in general. Totally unnecessary to abuse him, get a grip.
  3. Went down this morning and looked like either Harvey Bradbury or Jake Hyde were training with the squad. Dino and Rhys Lovett were training with Scott Brown. The morning session which I saw was mainly with the attacking players a couple of midfielders like Manny and Conlon. The defenders and midfielders like Joyce Burgess and Whitehead were absent or doing something in the gym possibly. As I assume the rule still applies that only 30 players can train at one time.
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