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  1. Once we get towards the end of August I’m sure we will see at least 1 of the 3 moved on whether that be a loan or permanent deal as that’s when teams can gauge after a few games what type of player they are short on. Likewise with us recruiting 1 or 2 more like Clarke said, as I’m sure clubs will add one or two on to their surplus to requirements list ie not be in their squad higher up the pyramid for us to potentially bring in.
  2. For me Martin is so much better than Legge, have seen him play times prior to being at Vale he is a lot more mobile than Legge. He also doesn’t seem to get caught on the ball or lump it like Legge does. I’d happily play Legge in cups and to cover when injures occur but definitely not a starter for me, Martin is a younger and better all round player than Legge.
  3. We’ve got to go 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 we looked so much better going forward with 4 at the back as it gave Worrall and Benning a license to get forward, that’s where we scored our goal on Tuesday from Worrall getting down the flank rather than still being in our half when he was playing wing back. Proctor has to start as he has played brilliantly when called upon, holding the ball up and bringing others into the game. Get Worrall and possibly Rodney running either side of him and that front 3 could cause Tranmere all sorts of problems.
  4. Got to be looking at giving the likes of Cass, Hurst,Garrity and Proctor a go whilst still keeping a strong core from Saturday. Clarke mentioned that we had a couple of knocks from Saturday so he’s likely to make at least 3 or 4 changes. Be nice for Rodney to get off the mark as I think it will give him the world of confidence going into Saturday. I’d like to see us to have a few more shots from distance as at Northampton we got in a few shooting positions but we too scared to shoot. Think it will end 1-1 and we’ll win on penalties.
  5. Because I’m sure Northampton are going to be trusting a Vale fan posting on their forum and suddenly change or adapt their game plan accordingly, get a grip. It wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to predict our team, you do realise their back room staff will have watch our recently games and see how we play and set up. I bet Klopp spends hours looking through other premier league sides forums to get the low down on their starting 11 🙄
  6. From what I saw at training it looks like we are going with: Covolan Smith Martin Johnson Worrall Jones Walker Pett Conlon Rodney Wilson This was the team played against the youth team this morning, with the likes of Benning Amoo Hurst Legge Proctor Garrity and Stone complete possession drills on the other pitch. Seems like DC wants to use Jones’s long throw as a weapon on such a tight pitch at Sixfields. However having seen Benning at Chesterfield last week I’m slightly disappointed to see him miss out (if he does) as he gets forward well and offers a quality delivery into the box. But it’s great to see we have strength in depth especially at the left wing/left back side as we’ve struggled to have one capable player playing in that position never mind two experienced ones which he was at our disposal this year.
  7. I think this will be our toughest game yet as I can see these being physical and not letting us get in the rhythm of our game. I fancy us to nick it 1-0 with Conlon scoring in a scrappy game
  8. What a nasty piece of work you are. You do realise he is human and people can get things wrong? How do you know he’s stealing a living? He’s got a vast amount of knowledge about not only Vale but football in general. Totally unnecessary to abuse him, get a grip.
  9. Went down this morning and looked like either Harvey Bradbury or Jake Hyde were training with the squad. Dino and Rhys Lovett were training with Scott Brown. The morning session which I saw was mainly with the attacking players a couple of midfielders like Manny and Conlon. The defenders and midfielders like Joyce Burgess and Whitehead were absent or doing something in the gym possibly. As I assume the rule still applies that only 30 players can train at one time.
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