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  1. I don't expect anyone to get a new contract and I think a few will be transfer listed. No matter which league we are in.
  2. Even though it won't have any affect on the outcome of any teams games I've had the same thought but grimsby play walsall soon and they are giving away points so the last thing we need is them getting a couple of wins in the next few games. It's all down to us to get the points unfortunately our form over the last 4 months says we wont.
  3. Watching that first half of the walsall game I think they are going get dragged into this relegation fight they are awful
  4. Bradley is the new training facility they've had the lease for a while now but I believe they want to buy it. As for people who keep telling me that we have to many back room staff and we've never needed them before all I say to them is look how well we've done over the last 20 years of being ran with less staff than a non league club and then tell me why it doesn't need to change. Carol has made a few mistakes but no one can accuse her of not trying to put it right. Great podcast again gentlemen but I've noticed that the more you've tried to stop swearing the more you swear.
  5. If you go off the latest for we probably only need 8 points the problem is the latest form only has us getting 6 points
  6. I'm not even counting Barrow as one of the teams to worry about I think they will finish above us. For me it's one of southend Colchester and us. It's a terrible time to be a Vale fan.
  7. I think he still is they have just allowed him to help us out until the end of the season
  8. We will definitely struggle with these they are flying at the minute they also did some good business in the transfer window. I really don't see us getting anything from this one. That said I'm going for a 3-2 win
  9. I would imagine Flitcroft and Clarke have scouts they both use so hopefully we should have a good network being set up. No matter what league we are in I think he will do the business for us it just might take a few more years than originally planned if we do go down
  10. We've already got an assistant to the assistant groundsman
  11. I agree with Wozza as man of the match. I cant believe I'm saying this but Crookes was a close second for me
  12. The lady of the house has already told me I'm a gonna if we get relegated because apparently I'm a miserable git now and she says I'll be unbearable if we go down.
  13. Definitely a media ban he won't allow any player to talk without his permission. I spoke to him today and it was one of the things he mentioned.
  14. 3 wins in half a season so yes they are this bad as for putting his arm around them like Carol would thats not worked so far so a change is needed.
  15. Obviously personal finance dictates and yes I will be devastated but surely like myself other people's love of the club isn't dictated by what league we are in and for me it's more important than ever that we buy season tickets if we are relegated. We practically begged Carol to buy the club the least we should do is support her even if it goes tats up.
  16. So what your saying is he should of said something along the lines of. Don't worry boys you weren't that bad it's not your fault those other boys are better, stronger and fitter than you and we know you tried your best so don't be upset everything is going to be ok.
  17. When we go down the academy and the foundation lose the funding so there's going to be a lot of people losing their jobs plus all the good community work will be scaled down. That's without the league money dropping by 500k in the first year and then down to about 200k after that I just hope they have the money to fund it otherwise we are going bust again
  18. Sir John just goes there so he's not sat at home rotting away with retirement
  19. I have to say I'm loving his interviews and I agree with everything he says. I'm not enjoying the football we are playing under him but I'm giving him a pass this season. The relegation form has been happening since November. He's trying every formation possible and still no joy I'm afraid the reality is we aren't good enough a turn around of form just isn't going to happen and it will only be luck that keeps us up. The other teams around us strengthened in January where as we signed Askeys targets just weeks after sacking him for his poor recruitment. Carol and the board are the only people t
  20. He was terrified of the ball kept losing it in possession lost his man for the one on one and then nearly gave them a goal a couple of minutes later. He needed to come off
  21. He isn't going to develop any youth players in a year is he really. Its going to be a while before we see anything like that. The crewe team that got promoted last year was full of the same young players that got relegated from league one years ago. So you could say it will be at least 4 or 5 years before we start seeing any results on the youth front. What he will do in his first season is develop the younger players who are at the club already. We are talking about a manager that turned Zack Jules into a saleable asset so we know he's capable of doing it.
  22. He said the players are better than the quality they showed on Tuesday
  23. In all fairness to walsall fans I thought they were the worst team I saw down Vale last year yet they were the only team to beat us. I also didn't think much of them this year yet they beat us. He will have a bit more money to spend here if we stay up and hopefully we won't sell his best players like they did but we won't know until next season how good it's going to be with him in charge.
  24. That's a very good point because we will be selling a lot of the contracted players if we go down you can't expect the likes of Conlon, Rodney, Gibbons and Smith to play in non league at a point in their career where they are looking to push on
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