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  1. EFL is a members club with a charter and set of rules that teams signed up to there is no legality issues they aren't saying you can't employ as many players as you want they are just saying you can only play 20 if you want to be a member. Similar to a dress code at a golf club

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  2. Player coach role in my view for Popey. Invest in him to bring Rodney on and the payback will be loads. 
    I think we all want to see Pope at the club in some way or another but I think hes got another good season left in him where he can earn a good wage especially in the national league
  3. Popes injury came at a bad time for him as he's not going to be able show D.C. what he's about and whether he will fit his style of play. I don't think he's going to get a new contract.

  4. Well I don't know about the rest of you but I feel a lot better now I had convinced myself we were going down and couldn't see a way out. Plus the wife says she doesn't need to kick my miserable rse out. For another season atleast.

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  5. Even in top form Mills crookes and brisley aren't good enough back up for a team looking to be promoted. We need to be replacing our first players so brown monty joyce and Legge are back ups next year if they get contracts that is

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  6. He wants better quality he says in his interviews that we are grinding out results through effort and a little bit of quality. He knows that most of these players haven't got the skill set to get us promotion and the fact we are 16th in a poor league backs that up

  7. Be interesting Phil Bowers slant on it I know he comes on here occasionally. Perhaps because it's job confidentiality Phil wouldn't be able to say but I do get the impression Clarke has formed a good rapport with Phil and Mike Baguley. 
    I'm might be totally barking up the wrong tree but I think some of it is definitely banter and tongue in cheek from Clarke whilst appearing prickly towards the journos 
    I would imagine they enjoy it as it's not the same boring answers to the same boring questions.
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  8. 5 have to go just to get us down to 20 next year we all seem to agree that between 6 to 8 quality players need to be brought in so at least 13 have to go. I'd be very surprised if he offers more that 3 a new contract

  9. I would like to think that carol could fit pope in at the vale somewhere if not a first team coach maybe with the kids from where pope started his career he could be good and give some good advice and let’s be honest he is a better footballer than he gets credit for 
    That may happen eventually but I still think he could do a job especially in the national league where he would still get good money. It's a big drop in wages to go from a few grand a week to 3 or 4 hundred
  10. I'd be happy for Pope to join another club if they offered him a better deal, but I'd worry if he went to another League Two club that we'd regret it. Crap players we release seem to manage to get a goal against us so I'm sure Pope would potentially get a hat-trick against us.
    Smudger would have hin in his back pocket
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