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  1. Just feels like winning tomorrow to go top in front of the cameras is something that happens to those clubs who make their fans happy all the time. Not Vale. This club. Into these.
  2. I have never, ever been more certain of a loss in my life. MOTM curse + featured game in international break + us in excellent form + Bradford in poor form + Robinson + could go top + big attendance + taking thousands to Oldham. We'll batter Oldham and Walsall but have made my peace for tomorrow.
  3. Interested to see how things go this year. Flitters has been very clear that the youth academy has underperformed and has to be improved. I believe we signed a number of 16/17 year olds from other clubs over the summer. Bailey, Jones, and McFarlane have all been involved in the senior squad and McFarlane and Jones are listed under the 'first team' section of the website. DC + staff were at the youth game last night. I know 1-2 regulars on here went; any feedback from last night's game? Anyone stand out?
  4. Look at these kings. Falling in love with this squad.
  5. incredible achievement, but lump on Bradford.
  6. I think he's our most important player. What he offers is irreplaceable in this squad. We have a lot of good players but I think we can get by without them if needs be. If Gibbo went down, I'd be worried. I love him. He's good at football but its his mentality. Juicy three year contract needed, because smart teams will be lurking.
  7. Be hard for me to see the pitch with a concourse in the way 😅
  8. Our form with Gibbo is incredible. I don't think it's a coincidence.
  9. Win on Saturday and it's our best home run since 1960/61.
  10. Don't know how much was correlation and how much was causation. Pope simply wasn't going to maintain his scoring record; he had 19 goals in his first 20 league games. He'd end up with 45 goals. It was inevitably he'd dip and Hughes picked up the burden when he did. Micky was known for starting strong and then fading, probably due to his fitness regime and lack of rotation causing fatigue. I think Micky knew the side wouldn't continue in the manner it had done after January, and the signings of Hughes, Purse, Birchall, and Jones added just enough to get us there. Towards the end we genuinely became reliant on Chris Shuker's crossing to bail us out; he assisted crucial goals vs Chesterfield and Rochdale. This year we feel far less relevant on the form of one player, so don't need to worry too much about a loss of form for an individual.
  11. Think the motivation to buy tickets beforehand is: a) probably a couple of quid cheaper b) mayhem pre-match when several hundred ticketless fans turn up If you get there early it won't matter, but if you arrive after 2:30 I think it might be a bit chaotic. I'll be aiming to pre-buy some for this reason.
  12. DoFs are very different today than they were when Mike Bassett was Micky's 'DoF' in 2002. I imagine it was akin to Rudge's role as 'DoF' to Aspin; fairly ceremonial in nature, consultant at most. I doubt he was pulling strings on recruitment ala Flitcroft. Micky Adams would not operate in the structure that Clarke is operating under, in my view.
  13. Honestly, bar Robinson, that's a really decent starting 11 and you've undoubtedly got a manager who knows how to win in this league. Your underlying stats suggest you should be way higher than 12th and you're on a horrendous run of fixtures (5th, 1st, 2nd, with Exeter in the cup in between). I think Bradford will finish top 7 this year, as you're only 2 points off with that injury list. It sounds daft considering the form we're in but I honestly take a steady draw on Saturday. Just have the feeling that both sides are going to regress to the mean a bit and all the added stuff around Saturday makes it the perfect game to do so.
  14. Think the comparison demonstrates how quickly the sport has changed. Imagine telling Micky Adams he'd have to work under a DoF, use 'data' in his recruitment, have a Matrix to identify targets, be expected to utilise 3-4 formations on a regular basis. He played 442 every week, didn't change winning teams, prioritised 'leaders', would happily marginalise players if he felt it was needed etc. Clarke, whilst sharing similarities with Adams in terms of being a tad abrasive, is a completely different coach and the squad reflects this. I think we forget Clarke is only 43 and is younger than the likes of Graham Potter, Nathan Jones, Valerien Ismael, Thomas Frank; all seen as 'up and coming', revolutionary coaches.
  15. I fear this game will be magnified in the post-match, win or lose. Its just another game and, all the noise around it aside (telly, attendance, go top), it's 3 points out of 138. It's 2% of the season. It'll be a fantastic occasion but I beg we don't get any of that last-match analysis overreaction we got after Sutton. Bradford are a good side with a manager who delivers at this level. We might lose. We might not play well. If we do, it doesn't mean much, especially in the context of 7 home wins in a row, 17 goals in 4, 19 wins in 28 etc etc. Then again, if we score 3-4 again, I'll be booking the bus parade and lumping on title. Into these.
  16. Perfect confluence of: Our outrageous form not lasting forever Bradford's underwhelming form not lasting forever Theo Robinson in form after Clarke demoted him to the U18s Telly - international break so a larger than normal audience. Good stories on Wilson and Covolan so we'll get a lot of attention Win to go top Big attendance Crazy that we're that conditioned into expecting misery and disappointment that, despite winning 19 of 28, scoring 17 in 4, winning our last 7 at home, most people on here have grim resignation for Saturday. Proper order that. Vale Vale.
  17. This 'all politicians are at it' line isn't helpful. There may be a number of politicians 'at it', but we need to challenge and criticise it when it occurs, not just meekly shrug. Patterson + Cox are in the crosshairs now and need to be appropriately investigated and sanctioned, not just 'but Mandelson'. Also, to counter the view that 'all politicians are at it'; Gordon Brown earns £1m+ from speeches and writing and donates it all to charity. He also doesn't take the PM pension, which I think makes him the only PM to do so.
  18. The most inconsequential forward I've ever seen. A waste of a boo. Just ignore him. Pure silence. He'll want to be booed. Would probably be more hurtful if complete indifference met him. "Theo who? Oh yeah"
  19. Drop us a DM if you need some contact mate.
  20. All in the hands of the SC, I believe. The funds are generated through them and I'm not sure what (if any) financial contribution the club makes.
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