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  1. I agree. These are managers that have both won promotions from this level. So they know what needs to be done.
  2. In all fairness. Does it matter whether they are his ex players or not, so long as they do the job.
  3. Correct. You would not wait until the contract runs out before seeking new work. Better to get sorted as soon as possible.
  4. They did a fantastic job in government, a much stronger economy even during the recession. The Tory's have wrecked the country with the highest levels of incompetence. Evidenced by the state of the country.
  5. Is is the leader of the opposition. He needs to therefore hold the government to account. The Tory front benches are struggling against Kier right now. So he needs to focus on the government that is the oppositions job.
  6. Also Herd Immunity lets not forget their original plan.
  7. They were calling for an earlier lockdown for one.
  8. People have been fooled into believing everything this government do is right. They can't do anything wrong and are void from criticism. Herd Immunity, delayed lockdown then not really going into a lockdown at all. Poor PPE the list goes on.
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