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  1. Walsall have signed Peter Clarke. Surley he is getting on abot now.
  2. This seasons kit is one of my all time favourite. The Gold colour is perfect and would like to keep it even with a little black. I never believed this all white kit curse. After all we also had the LDV vans trophy win season with a winning streak in all white. What ever we have it will be Vale.
  3. The squad has done fantastic, however to say it doesn't need strengthening is an understatement. All teama promoted will stregthen. There will be necessary changes, with Flintcroft and Darell I trust the process.
  4. Flintcroft is working on it all. He is DoF so he is head of player recruitment.
  5. They believe their nasty and violent attitude towards Vale fans is justified because wait for it, we had the cheek to treat them as rivals and also we celebrated our wins over them. It is as though we disrepsected them but matching and bettering them for a few years. There was a time Vale fans had to becareful where they wore their shirts etc. Obviously rivalries are there in football but they just want Vale as a club to lay down and die and for Vale fans to never celebrate our wins, promotioms tropheys and act as though we don't exsist, or Vale deserve everything we get from them. I don't get them. They should understand clubs have their ups and downs. Blackpool vs Fleetwood would have been unthinkable as a league fixture in 2011 yet it happned. Hoe about Burton vs Derby ? Both smaller clubs than Vale yet they have matched their rivals. Yes lets have a rivalry but there are two teams in the city and that is that.
  6. All those that are going have an amazing day. I'll get home in time to watch second half. Have a fantastic day all.
  7. The result and not the attendence is all that counts.
  8. To be honest Rob I haven't lived in the area for ten years so not 100 percent sure why these are in control of everything.
  9. Some of us are working. Wish I wasn't but I am.
  10. I am not the biggest fan of the Torys but Gullis is doing more to promote the club than the previous mps.
  11. It is sour grapee thryy way they are talking is pethetic. Lets just focus on the next game and forget them.
  12. I always thought it was crazy how we offer some of the best facilities and acoustics to away fans. Plus 4,500 capacity stand to away fans. Other clubs have moved away stands before. Away clubs don't nesd the hamil.
  13. We didn't ay at our best if that was theirs then they could have a shock come Thursday. Here are the stats again for us when we were not our best against Swindon.
  14. The game was not pleasing to the eye. It was an awful game all around. However I see some Vale fans like to just be negitive. We need do better and if ee play at our best we would have won that. The stats however people would like to see it say its more even.
  15. I see that and yes it had its purpose. However is no longer necissary.
  16. The sporting covenant was something that made me uncomfertable at the time for the very reasom if we evee decided to do this we can't sell it for say a housing development supermarket etc.
  17. Talking about New Stadia has anyone seem Yorks. Noticing multi coloured seats are all the trend atm.
  18. Depends as alot of seating has needed and still needs to be replaced. So therefore it is something to keep in mind for that. The bycars probably has the most damaged seats in the home ends so maybe.
  19. One thing I also haven't seen much of or missed is the mention of safe standing at Vale.
  20. Luton are moving to a new stadium. New Luton Town stadium moves closer after land sale WWW.BBC.CO.UK
  21. However this could change dependent on the circumstances. It may cost more to rebuild vp than a newer one. The final decision is with Carol. We can only speculate here. No harm on discusion.
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