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  1. I'd be happy if Fletcher signs.

    He was first choice for 'them down the road' at the start of last season.

    Target man who's good with his feet, I can see him sharing roles with Proctor if he joins.

    Remember 'they' sold Vokes to a L1 team last year and he went on to score 17 goals and in my opinion Vokes isn't as good as Fletcher even though he is a few years younger.

    For the record though, I don't think we would pay Fletcher wage demands.
    Fletcher he may older but as you say was a regular in the league above in League one you have always needed a couple of seasoned pros along with the younger ones.
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  2. Last seasons gone. What's done is done. New season, new league, new squad. All players start with a clean slate in pre season and have to prove themselves.They need to fit in with whatever style of play DC sees fit for L1 meaning there's bound to be a bit more movement.Players can't live in past glory, thats how you get relegated.
    We spent a long time doing this with the 90s players and it cost us alot.
  3. It would seem that everyone on here has either forgotten about wozza or written him off. He's definitely got another good season in him as RWB. He contributed to many key moments in the playoff games. His dip in form mid season coincided with his hip injury and the fact that Smith was playing behind him at RCB. With Cass at RCB I think we'll see a fully fit  Wozza back to his best. Granted we need to bring in some competition but don't write him off yet.
    That set up for Bennings goal at Wembley says it all class player.
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  4. Disappointed Birchy feels the need to air this in public, since sexman left the Burslem circus has quietened down and things that need to be said are done behind closed doors. 
    Although he’s not part of the actual payroll staff etc, he does/did games commentary for Radio Stoke so it’s disappointing for him to come out talk about the club in such a tone that lays fault at their door.

    What we can take from this, apart from the fact he’s upset about his mate - that Cass has come in on a wedge compared to what we offered Gibbo? 
    Cass has come in from a Premiership academy and also has the potential to play more games.
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