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  1. I guess in previous regimes apart from Micky Adams we always tried out rookie managers and highered quickly. Now times have changed and we havw a good set up.
  2. Very true. It is a horrible experiance. Men statistically still have a high suicide rate.
  3. Because most clubs have their training grounds seperate to the club in a location on the outskirts. It will be more professional and do the club alot of good especially if we could have indoor facilities.
  4. It is definitely needed. Vale need updated training facilities.
  5. She has alot of hard work, pandemic buisness, Port Vale. She is probably working tirelessly behind the scenes and is drained atm. Give her a break she has done so much for pvfc and the community.
  6. Wrexham, Stockport, Chesterfield Lincoln. Indefinitely we are bigger.
  7. Bigger clubs than vale you lost me when you got to that comment.
  8. It is bad. I do think some Vale fans love the drama. I hope we stay up if not I think we'll bounce back plenty have done. Luton seem alright. The performance was ok and there is room for improvement. I think Clarke need time and his own players.
  9. He stated before that it was under achieving.
  10. Different than football league experience. League one is a destination we want to get to. Darrel Clarke knows how to get there.
  11. Sinnott had not taken a team on to consecutive promotions to League One.
  12. If they had done years ago we could be in a better place right now. We need lool to the future not the past and build.
  13. In all fairness I have believed we needed this kind of a stricture for a long time amd its a fantastic investment. Finally Port Vale is building a structure for the long term.
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