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  1. In the end of the day looking at the results Cambridge have been producing they are o fire atm. We were spoilt with being on an unbeaten run since January. Form will pick up again we will atleast make the play offs. As others have said Askey saved Vale and then neary took us up last year. Only covid halted promotion.
  2. Awful performance although Vale still could have had two. Not much to say other than Carlisle deserve it.
  3. Probably the lack of game time in 2020 has made them more vulnerable to injuries.
  4. She looked worried but I know she isn't worried so much about Port Vale but other clubs. She is full of empathy
  5. After seeing Liverpool and man u I feel better
  6. Looks like they had a plan and this needs be a learning curve for Vale.
  7. Why has Rudge never been nominated for anything not even an mbe or obe. Knighthood deserved.
  8. I have been to watch Bolton a few times. Their issue was how many new players they signed. I thought the would struggle. They may gel but its when will it happen. League Two is a tough league.
  9. That is amazing well done Carol and Kevin. Such wonderful people.
  10. It is interesting how people can cram into pubs without masks until 10pm, which is already failing. Yet people can't sit in an outdoor stadium with a mask on social distanced.
  11. There are a fair few just looking ro be negitive constantly.
  12. What I thought. I thought Vale played better football but harrogate were more physical.
  13. Yes he is. I agree there he qould have smashed a header in.
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