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  1. Didn't they have Wilfred Bony in on trial in the summer? Yes they did.
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51154983?ns_campaign=bbc_match_of_the_day&ns_linkname=sport&ns_source=facebook&ns_mchannel=social Whats going on there. I have a feeling we are holding on for the summer with our cash to be honest.
  3. Watched it on ifollow and there were times they were just not allowing Vale to play and they went to sleep.
  4. We have had extremely good results against those at the top of the table. The teams at the bottom are fighting for league survival and I think that has has an impact when we play them as they are upping their game. I think a few good signings possibly loan are what we need to strengthen and push on. The cash should be saved for the summer to either stay in League one or Push for promotion again in League Two again next season. But sensible and steady is the key.
  5. We should snatch promotion when ever the opportunity arrives. No such thing as not ready. We can go up and survive.
  6. What is done is done. Lets move on and look at the next one. We need beat Stevenage hands down.
  7. Why are ae playing a weaker squad in this. If its a chance for some cash and a wembley trophy. Maybe they are wanting to put full attention on the league.
  8. Think Boris Johnson has said alot worse mate. But keep believing tbw Daily Mail.
  9. It shouldn't be as Labours most successful period was when they were in the centre ground Labour invented it.
  10. Labour need to first of all focus on shifting back to that centre.
  11. I have watched a few live ones this season but its been few.
  12. The wiser older ones who only seem to be educated by the daily mail and sun.
  13. It is clear they will negotiate a deal then put leave and remain back to the people. Nobody ever voted for a no deal Brexit nobody. Johnson Farage et el all were stating a Norway style deal before. So why are they trying to say a true Brexit is only down the no deal route ?
  14. This is the biggest trick of the Tory lead media to get people to think like this.
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