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  1. I was hoping to buy it online but it was out of stock apart from larger sizes.
  2. Thats how I feel we have a very good squad and the fact all offered contracts has signed. This will give us an advantage over most. Squads need time to gel, so buying up new squads every year doesn't cut it.
  3. After the events of this year and what we have seen with other clubs we shoulf be greatful that is our only concern. The owners ars doing such a fantastic job and deserve the praise and patience while they sort things.
  4. There is also the chance to win it and money in the coffers.
  5. I always felt myself it was the defence that needed tightening due to tbe amount of leads we lost. If all those draws were converted to wins where we were originally leading.
  6. No definitely bot white shorts
  7. Bolton are going to be looking to scoop up any player they can
  8. I agree with that, I have watched a few videos of Rodney and I think he will be a scorer next season, with the likes of Pope to learn from. With Smith he is good, but as stated replaceable. The defence at times last season with the amount of wins, turning to draws was the area most need in strengthening. So maybe him leaving will help his career and also give the squad added strength where the replacement is.
  9. I have watched a few of the videos ad he looks lime he could be adapted to league Two football.
  10. I think so far Askey has done enough to prove himself. Even if t is an unknown player, same could have been said with the likes of Ian Taylor. I feel Askey knows how to get the best out of a player and if Askey and Rudgey see something that is enough for me. Here he has potential:
  11. Confirmed we would have gone up. All the best to Northampton they snatched the oppurtunity.
  12. Surely if they believe its a saftey issue, it would be better to allow people to drink in the stands during the game hence people not rushing drinks at half time and before the game etc ?
  13. If he wants to go all the best to him. He is replaceble in the long term we want players who are commited if his heart is elsewhere then we need to move on as well.
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