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  1. My tickets have just come through! Stress over for me!!
  2. I had same issue when trying to sign into ticketmaster.co.uk so the tried WWW.ETICKETING.CO.UK which is what we all registered on to get tickets and that let me log in, I’ll give it till morning and then if not I’ll chase with them the way you did, thanks
  3. Great stuff Playa, what email address did you use to chase with them just incase I need do the same
  4. Yes I believe so, they have put something on twitter
  5. Mine does the same but if you go onto your account and then account history it shows in there mate!
  6. Great stuff let’s hope that’s the start of the process!!
  7. Was starting to panic thinking I was just missing mine! Really poor that you have to print it, surely brining it up on your phone is the same!! fingers crossed for you they come tomorrow! Does say no later than 72hours so you would think tomorrow!!
  8. Print at home tickets, has anyone had their email through with attachment yet?
  9. DazFred what the details with Robin Hood? Time leaving and cost? thanks
  10. Great spot with the Crewe to Euston!! Daft question but once at Euston what’s the cheapest way to Wembley stadium?
  11. Other than the official coaches does anyone know of anywhere that it putting on coaches? I’ve seen the old crown have sold out.
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