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  1. Just when you thought they don't make them like that anymore! Lol
  2. Even Mansfield away has been ruined. The only day when there's no sodding trains. Love a good drink round Nottingham for that one
  3. Lot of cash and a lot of community hours Banned from the footy I'd see that as punishment
  4. I'm assuming you'd gone to the loo in Pink when you made that post
  5. It does seem disproportinately harsh when you see some of the "sentences" dished out these days. You know the rules before you go though I guess. Feels like lining the coffers and the fact that the main copper got a promotion off the back of it suggests there might have been an insentive for him.
  6. He did mate! Sadly that's typical
  7. Christ I said Whitfield has been a disappointment I said lloyd as a backup, squad, bench warmer didn't fill me with dread I don't smoke
  8. Sorry mate that last lines confusing I've been disappointed by Whitfield overall Read my post again, not concerned by the lloyd potential signing
  9. If we were end of July, made no signings and looked to Ryan lloyd to come in, make everything ok and spearhead the team next season then I might reach for the strong stuff. We haven't. It's early June And as someone has pointed out, is he actually likely to have less if an impact as Whitfield? I haven't been as disappointed in a vale signing for a good long time.
  10. Scored 8 goals in 3 seasons tyson has Including failing to notch in scotland for one of those seasons
  11. I never understood the wasps bit. Why the hell do they want to be there? Why the hell does anyone want them there?
  12. Not for everyone mate no. But I think different people respond in different ways. If you're an absolute ******** to everyone, the whole time, you won't get much of a tune out of anyone.
  13. Ever listen to the Undr The Cosh podcasts with Jon Parkin, Chris Brown and Hoyland? I find them fascinating and it gives a really good insight into how players see things like different managers and how that effects them. I had the David Norris one on this morning. He talked about steve Evans, Holloway, warnock and Roy Keane. I can absolutely relate to the fact that players don't perform for certain managers. It's not that they aren't trying or won't. But there's no way you can motivate yourself to get that extra edge needed under some managers. Parkin mentioned westley for example. He said when the players were in the gym, he'd walk in and, say, randomly stand on a players back who was doing pressups. He called himself The Medal Winner due to his title at stevenage. This is in a dressing room that included a champions league winner in Neil Mellor. Odd to say the very very least.
  14. Alright Nah


    Me! Basset hound named daisy 8 years old Honey lemon coat World's best ears!
  15. Chernobyl is brilliant. Just finished episode 4. It's obviously very dark but it is done so well. I like the crime stuff. Luther, line of duty, the fall. They're all really good. But my favourite has to be waking the dead. Trevor Eves Boyd is one of my favourite ever characters
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