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  1. Which true Vale fan could honestly say deep down they wouldn’t want a Port Vale beer mat. 👍🏻
  2. Given all the current fully deserved positive press and DC justifiably being awarded the manager of the month, an emphatic win in front of the TV cameras would put the top hat on it nicely. Karma.
  3. Fully deserved. Fingers crossed we can all celebrate this with a resounding victory tomorrow. UTV.
  4. Just read it again to fully digest, what a fantastic insight.
  5. Fair to say we’re on the map, and for all the right reasons. Need a good win in front of the TV cameras now.
  6. This team is nowhere near as free flowing as the team we had back then. I don’t think you could play that way today, flat out, and because of how the game has changed in the interim it’s virtually impossible to make a comparison, as it is with any era, however certain players from that squad would without doubt easily walk into our current squad, and probably first team, and vice versa.
  7. I think we fans of the traditionally established league clubs better get used to it. More teams than ever lower down the pyramid have wealthy benefactors. Of course after our promotion it’ll matter far less. 😉
  8. You cant feel that way if you went to the game last night. Benning just average, no more than that. Unless one of either Gibbo or Wozz aren’t fully fit there’s no way on earth will they not play.
  9. It won’t matter though because if things carry on as they are our Boxing Day crowd will be massive with or without them. 👊🏻UTV 💪🏻
  10. Every game is littered with off the ball blocks, trips and niggles and always has been. The first rule is don’t react. The second is if you do react don’t get caught. You could tell by the reaction of their guy as he walked off he knew full well what he’d done.
  11. It comes pretty much entirely from his interview technique of cutting off the interviewer mid question, which I must admit I dislike intensely. Let’s remember that initially DC didn’t exactly get off to a dream start so his saltiness was somewhat more apparent than in more recent times. Add this to the fact that it was in complete contrast to the previous managers manner which helped people to form an opinion that JC is a nasty man. I think most fans have seen and heard enough to know that DC is actually not so bad after all. I’d guess most couldn’t give a stuff either way as long as we’re successful. I think the fact he spent 15 minutes with you says it all really. If he can’t spend at least half an hour why bother. Terrible attitude DC. Shocking in fact. 😂😂😂
  12. It was Taylor trying to close the shot down and we’re not talking about another day are we, this is the match thread from yesterday. My opinion is that if Gibbo stands still the shot hits him. Don’t take it out of context, Gibbo was outstanding in the game as I said in my original post.
  13. I’d say you’re not far off with that side. Maybe Legge won’t be risked as starter but will come on as a sub though.
  14. What’s the rule regarding overage players in this competition? Could the scousers field any recognised names?
  15. I think Olé chants seem to have touched a raw nerve also.
  16. Yes harsh based on his overall performance but fair criticism, watch the replay, if he stands up and watches the ball that shot isn’t going through him as it did. Perhaps nowadays there’s always a greater fear in a players mind of giving away a penalty for the slightest hint of a handball.
  17. Anybody mentioned Gibbo yet? After we’d had a tough first half, where he got booked for a crunching tackle, he had their wide right player in his pocket. I can’t remember the guy beating him second half and his composure and execution to pick out Cass for the goal was excellent. Maybe should’ve blocked the shot for their goal if I’m being critical. It seemed to go straight through him giving Covolan no chance.
  18. Interesting that in his comments before the game Coleman remarked he’d got a lot of time and respect for Clarke. I don’t think he’s such a bad guy, just hurting after the game, and, as others have said, there’s an element of deflecting blame to protect his players.
  19. Wilson just looks better every game. The thing that struck me about the first goal as much as anything was his calmness. He took an extra little touch just to steady himself and open up the angle a bit more rather than just firing it.
  20. He’s always been the same when we’ve come up against him.
  21. I don’t have much of a problem with Coleman’s comments. In the heat of the moment, having watched his team go from being in complete control to total disarray, most of what he says is understandable coming straight after a 5-1 tonking. Not every manager will pay respect to the opposition and I though he was getting more wound up as the interview wore on, culminating in his comments about us playing them next season. The game itself saw us start poorly, I felt maybe giving them a bit too much respect. They missed their chances and we made them pay as we grew more into the game and pressed higher up the pitch as time went on. Second half it looked like we could score almost every time we went up the pitch. The lad who got sent off was having a battle with Smith all game and my worry at the time was that both players might have seen red if the liner had seen Smith do something to cause their player to react. Not sure if their was an elbow but the guys arm was definitely high.
  22. Anyone remember Lee Mills scoring an absolute missile, or did I dream it. I’ve no idea who it was against but think it was a night match.
  23. In fairness, without knowing the infrastructure down there, the hard work may well already have been done for Artell by those involved in the scouting, youth recruitment, and coaching set up, prior to any prospect being selected for the first team squad. Artell may not be hands on with the academy. No pun intended.
  24. Apparently Sarcevic had a big fall out with Evatt according to some Bolton fans. No idea how true this is but either way I’d guess he won’t be on less money at Stockport than he was at Bolton. There was some mention of another, unnamed, player also leaving Trotters.
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