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  1. Fairly sure I read somewhere that the plan was to revert back to what was the norm pre-pandemic, so not streamed domestically. Obviously going forward this would have to depend on any guidelines regarding numbers of fans allowed in stadia.
  2. I think that’s just the GPS tracking stuff they wear already under the actual kit. 👍🏻
  3. I think Clarke did say that we weren’t going to go out and sign a nailed on 20 goal a season man. Whether he meant it or not will obviously depend on cost and availability. If someone can hit 20 plus and we have a decent goal tally spread across the squad we’re more likely to be near the top than the bottom that’s for sure.
  4. If we get a team full of six footers who can all play a bit we won't be in a bad place.
  5. What about Dunk? Both Cambridge fullbacks looked really decent when I saw them. Not sure that Benning had the best of seasons from what bits I saw and read.
  6. Rumour on one of the League 2 forums, from the Cambridge end, Luke Hannant back to join us. Edit:Just seen post above.
  7. Can someone please highlight any transfer rumours which may be buried in among the last 4 or 5 pages of rambling. I can't be bothered to trawl through it all.
  8. Indeed, threefold will do just fine 👍🏻
  9. My sentiments entirely. Having said that, I’ll be delighted to pass them as they come straight back down next season.
  10. Hopefully you can say the same at the end of next season……..due to our automatic promotion…….as champions. 😉
  11. Perhaps a tad harsh? Certainly on Brown, who’s been a good player for us, both on and off the field.
  12. As much as the game lives strong in the memory, so does the build up to the game, it was off the scale. I worked in a large local factory and the banter was non stop from the moment the draw was made, so the sense of nervous anticipation was huge on the day of the game. Night matches are always more atmospheric somehow and walking up to the ground with the floodlights shining through the gloom was magical. There was lots of talk about how many of their fans had got tickets in the home stands and how it was going to kick off. Naturally this added a bit of spice when taking your seat. Me and the wife were sat a few rows back from the front of the Bycars, near to the goal, actually not far from were we sat on a regular matchday, but couldn't see any familiar faces apart from one right in front of me, who was a Stoke fan and a proper scrote. When they scored several fans around us went up. One or two were given a thump as they ran to the front to be led away by the cops. The guy in front of us had jumped up and was unceremoniously manhandled up into the air and passed over the crowd the few rows down to the front whilst being punched by anyone within reach, including women and kids. Have to say there were quite a few empty seats around us after that but we knew who was who.
  13. Fair comment, but looking at it from another viewpoint, you could say at most we've only cleared out a couple or three players more than was required, so hardly a revolution. What you say in your second paragraph is just stating the obvious, and would apply whether Clarke had released 2 or 20. A manager has always got his chopper on the chopping block and results, performances to a lesser extent, will define when the blade comes down, which ultimately it will in time, unless we have success, in which case he will move on to bigger things. Have to say I don't remember the spunking over Bruno incident. I thought all the "dirty" protests were aimed at Smurthwaite?
  14. Jackanory, circa 71 or 72 I think. Either Johnny Ball or Floella Benjamin?
  15. Maybe a player you just don't fancy as I'm not so sure he's "always injured" - https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/james-wilson/verletzungen/spieler/214104 I've no idea as to what his wage demands would be, and would guess you know about as much as me on that score. Always looked like he'd got a bit of quality when I've seen him. The question I would have would be one of attitude rather than ability.
  16. He'd be a good siging at this level despite what his stats might say.
  17. I’m fairly sure with similar numbers of tickets from last year everyone should get a seat in a socially distanced world. Plans are already in place for this scenario. Hence 2 seat numbers for anyone who had already renewed or newly purchased a ticket. The only unknown is whether local or total lockdowns will come into force at some point, and for how long. I still firmly believe fans will get to see many live games next season, but obviously my crystal balls don’t know how many that may be. I’d think 10 would be a fairly safe bet as it stands.
  18. More than 2000 gone according to official Twitter.
  19. Hopefully it won't come to that. For anyone who shares those concerns there's always the option of a 10 game ticket.
  20. Anyone have the latest figures? After the initial surge for the Loyalty weekend maybe a few signings will be needed to further stimulate the fan base.
  21. Playoffs will give us a bigger picture. 4 of the top teams who can’t release retained lists, or fully plan recruitment, until they know which league they’re playing in.
  22. There will be more risk of catching a nasty summat from the Paddock bogs than catching Covid. Fear for my health every time I go in there Paddock bogs have had a refurb I believe.
  23. Gabrielle - Can't Hurry Love Had a few plays on local radio over the last few weeks.
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