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  1. I don’t think so. The queue appeared to run in a straight line between fanzone and club shop. However, I was going to take the lads into the shop but didn’t fancy pushing through the queue for the turnstiles to get there. Not sure if this queue was somehow combined with the queue for the ticket office, it was hard to differentiate.
  2. I'd complain if I were you. Carole should know by now that we may want to rip up our seson tickets from time to time. These damn plastic things should've been stress tested. Someone at the club must realise that there should be perforations to prevent nail damage and associated anxiety. At the very least there should be an embossed warning. Come on Vale, it's not rocket science you clueless buffoons.
  3. He's not a "perceived" goalscorer though. Whatever we may think about Robinson, those are actual goals on his record.
  4. Not only that, there’s excessive gum on the envelopes as well. Life is so tough sometimes.
  5. It obviously predominantly boils down to money with the 3 transfer listed players. If they don’t get a suitable financial package elsewhere they simply can’t afford to move, even if they’d love to be playing every week. Geographical reasons may be a factor but if the money’s not right any potential move is a non starter. Who of us would ply our trade elsewhere for a lower salary? Not many. Theo would be the most attractive proposition to another league club but he’s probably on the biggest wage of the 3 at a guess. Burgess and Whitehead will do well to stay in the league and will probably have to drift down the ladder.
  6. For all the talk about the (terrible) standard of the officials at last nights game, let's not take our eye off the ball. 15 shots, which is good, but only 4 on target according to the stats. We had some great chances to at least test their keeper yesterday but mostly failed to do so. Convert a couple of those misses and we wouldn't be focusing on the ref, unless he chalked them off, because of some dream he was having at the time.
  7. Based on concrete evidence, as in what we’ve actually seen in the games played so far, at this point in his Vale career there is no way on earth that you can suggest Covolan is the better keeper. Naturally this may change over time, as we see more of each keeper. Right now Covolan got the nod and screwed up. Stone has got the shirt until form suggests otherwise. Competition for places, throughout the squad. I’m not sure what’s colouring people’s judgement.
  8. On last nights showing no way should Stone be dropped. He had a solid game and you could say was unlucky with the goals. Covolan can sit on the bench and reflect. He’ll get another chance but hopefully not soon as, hopefully, the present incumbent will become unbeatable (unlikely, I know).
  9. Yes, a strange night. Long queues for the few turnstiles that were open. Turnstile operators on the quieter Railway Stand for some reason not being moved to the busier Paddock turnstiles. A drunken pitch invader being completely ingnored by both stewards and police. A partial floodlight failure, just as we seemed to be getting on top. At least on the pitch we were treated to a little normality, by way of the usual poor match officials.
  10. Decent performance overall. Much improved once Amoo came on and we changed formation. We didn’t get the rub if the green on numerous occasions, not only the officials but the run of the ball at times. If I was being critical I’d say we were guilty of wasting too many decent chances, not hitting the target and working the keeper.
  11. Crazy. I can’t believe people would write a player off for what is essentially just a number. I couldn’t care less how old Legge is, or any other player for that matter, it’s what they can bring to the team. You only have to look at the likes of Hoolahsn and Ellison, to name but two, to see that. Naturally older players are in decline physically but they tend to have more nous and their reading of the game is a bit better. Swings and roundabouts. No doubting Legge is a big presence in there, but, as Northampton had a bit of pace going forward, Clarke maybe thought on balance that Martin and Johnson were better options. I wasn’t impressed with either of those two in the game, they could, however, turn out to be great. What I will say is that Leon will definitely play a part this season, and if we continue to struggle on set pieces that’ll be sooner rather than later.
  12. Not at all, you’ll see plenty of players playing against us over the course of this season with these attributes. It’s up to us to find one.
  13. Didn’t hear any of that where we sat. Where I sat the fans were too busy abusing their players for celebrating right in front of us. In fact their goal scorer should’ve been booked for inciting the crowd. The ref had a word with him as the players walked back to the centre circle but nothing more.
  14. That’s how I saw it. For their goal the ball that deflects to the scorer could’ve gone anywhere. He reacted quickly and I thought, in general, they looked a bit sharper than us. That lifted them and rocked us a bit. Then, if Wilson scores, just before half time as it was, we probably come out second half back on the front foot. They had a bit more pace and direct running in their side than us. Hopefully our, as yet unsigned, new winger will add a bit of pace and flair.
  15. Cobblers manager saying after the game that they targeted Covolan. Listen @ 1:48
  16. The goalkeeper picks himself for this one now. It’ll be interesting to see what DC does with the team as a whole. There’s a good argument for giving the same players another chance to gel, equally, certainly after today’s performance, there’s a case for tweaking it a bit, if only to give other players a run out. Clarke may just change it for tactical reasons, as we know.
  17. I’m not writing Covolan off but we’ve got 2 keepers. Stone came on and played well. He’s got the shirt now and it’s his to lose. Hopefully Stone will be playing well enough that Covolan has to wait a long time before he gets chance “to make it up”. That’s how competition for places works isn’t it?
  18. The problem with Covolan coming so far out is that if he doesn’t get some distance on his clearance, or find a Vale player with a pass, he’s always going to struggle to get back between the sticks. As it was, a bad touch, he’s lost the ball and bingo. It’s one thing sweeping up but another thing altogether over committing. Stone looked fine in the friendlies and for me he’s a far steadier option.
  19. Whether winning, losing or drawing I'm sure this one will be an incredible atmosphere after the long wait, and let's be clear, a win doesn't mean we're going to run away with the league, just as defeat doesn't mean we'll spend the season rooted at the bottom. Hopefully we can all have a great day out and, most importantly of all, a safe journey there and back.
  20. Value? These clubs aren’t worried about getting value as such, they simply have more money to throw around, in the same way that Salford do, and both Wrexham and Stockport to name two others. You can say he’d be a poor player at Oldham but it’s purely conjecture on your part, as it would be if I said he’d be great. There’s no way of knowing. We must also consider that a lot depends on the other players in the team. In the Scots Prem the bottom placed club receives over £1 million (from memory). With TV money and associated advertising/sponsorship, not to mention sellout crowds several times a season, I don’t think it’s too bold a claim to suggest Monty will be on a decent contract, the only proviso being that he won’t get any goal bonus etc whilst sitting on the bench.
  21. And only 3 have found league clubs It’s not quite that simple. It’s about money not just ability. Monty will, in all probability, be on more money in Scotland than he was on at Vale, and Joyce has found a non-league club who’ll possibly be paying him more than many league clubs at our level.
  22. Not alway going to be respectful, when you’ve got a large away following entering a ground blissfully unaware of the event taking place before KO though is it. Also factor in the pent up anticipation as fans enter the stadium after so long without a competitive fixture.
  23. I think I read somewhere that Kettle is fourth official for this one.
  24. 2 things to note, and I’ll apologise if already mentioned, according to their website, from 2:45 onwards they’ll be paying tribute to 40 fans who’ve sadly passed away since fans were last allowed to attend games. Big screen showing pictures and names will be read out. We can only hope that this tribute will be well respected. The second point is that the match ref is making his EFL debut. I can only suggest making additional offerings to the gods, carrying an extra lucky rabbits foot, or generally going over the top with whatever else your prematch ritual may consist of, to try to help on this score.
  25. I think all 3 would be in or around the first team.
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