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  1. Not sure who the 'loyalty' refers to?The majority of fans appreciate & know what Tom as done for his beloved club, most of whom have been calling for Tom to either start games or come on as a sub (not last 10mins either!!) watching Vale over the last 2yrs. JA seemed to 'phase' Popey out for whateva reason. He has been the best striker at the club & wasn't being played!!!!
  2. Fairplay the Coates family have made a living/become very rich & offered job security thanks to people gambling unfortunately for some people that has led to addiction, bankruptcy, family break ups etc, can see why the authorities are trying to curb this now by not allowing advertising such brands on childrens football replica shirts
  3. Dont know if iv missed it (dont think so as surely would have been thrown at us by radio stoke) but I havent heard where stoke have been driving around the city handing out free meals, free activity packs & now Easter eggs for the less privileged families!! I think the post relates to time & hard work that's put in voluntarily to help the families of sot not just cash handouts!!
  4. Dont ya see that's the debate, wish I had the salary to pay 500 million in taxes!!!!
  5. RIP fellow Valiant ⚽️❤
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